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Two Brown Crayons and their fantastic voyage

So l went and lost my natural mind. At least, according to the people who knew what l was up to But, if you have read any part of this blog with regularity, what l am about to impart, should not shock you.

I got up one day a few months ago, and told my husband, that l was frustrated with all the madness swirling in this country, and l was gonna find the love and joy that l KNEW existed beyond the sound bites on television, by driving across the United States.


Uh huh.

He looked at me and said No.

Before he could say what he fully wanted to, my neck tilted and l leveled him with my scorching eyeballs.

He was SO NOT moved and continued by saying, if l wanted to go, l had to take someone with me, and drive a rental car so l can fly back home if needed.

I argued with him to no avail, because l TRULY thought this had to be a journey of one.

The person who was brave enough to go with me, is my friend Denise who had just retired and thought it would have been loads of fun, when she was asked.

All of HER friends and family, thought she was crazy as hell to do this, and she probably was, knowing how fearless l am,but, she packed up her life and limbs, we rented a car, and off we went! We were given a Subaru Outback.. more about that car later..

I don’t know what we thought we would find, but the farther l got away from the state we lived in, the better l felt!

We drove 900 plus miles that first day, and stopped in a hotel that was $66 for the night. I barely slept. The Mattress was a box spring and the room smelled like nefarious things took place within!! We laughed at ourselves until we fell asleep with a better plan and stayed in Holiday Inns or one of their candlewood suites, the rest of the journey except in one place.

Did l mention, we almost ran out of gas too on a DARK stretch of road with NOTHING in sight for miles leading to this hotel? I never prayed so HARD in my life!! A gas station appeared miraculously, as if God said, “lemme take care of these two fools.” We filled up and was more careful moving forward.

We left Wisconsin the next day, drove through Minneapolis and ended here-

We were so stoked!

Mt. Rushmore. It took our breath away at the sheer awesomeness in front of us!!

We stayed there until nightfall soaking up the history and on our way off that dark and winding mountain, we watched a Chevy Tahoe lose control right in front of us and flipped onto its roof!!

I pulled over, we called 911 and watched as a young man climbed out, shaken but with no broken bones that we could see. We stayed with him until rescue came, and left the scene, visibly shaken to our cores… we had driven 1,700 miles in two days and we were tired.

We stayed in South Dakota that night at a holiday inn and it was nice!! I slept like a baby in my mommas womb!


I also met a fellow Jamaican who was so happy, because in her six years in S Dakota, she had never seen another Jamaican tourist. Made both our days.. that free breakfast was yessss!!

I was getting cranky with missy, who took what felt like YEARS to get ready in the mornings because she piddles… ugh! I was up and ready to go in 20 minutes. How long does it take one to bathe, brush their teeth and get dressed?? I mean.. she worked out a system that had her up and moving an hour before me, so she could stay on my good side cause l was snapping like a turtle at her..🙄😂😂

Off we went again, and had to navigate through the black hills forest, on our way to here

Lawd. She cried as we climbed route 212 west into that park, because it was frightening to take that narrow and winding 30 miles up a mountain so high, we passed PINK snow caps!! It was crazy.. l sang to calm her down so she would not have a heart attack and reminded her, this what taking risks feels like in life.

She got better as we entered the park and saw bison so large, they were bigger than our car! I convinced her to play in a river, we saw Old Faithul the geyser, we had to buy bear spray which freaked her out, and we spent one of the two days, roughing it in a cabin, with no indoor bathroom. She was too through with me at that point!

Yellowstone was beautiful but we had yet another destination and left there Thursday morning, with every intention of being at our final stop, by nightfall.

And that, is exactly what we did… hello…. Seattle!!

We visited Pike Market, hopped on the Ferris wheel, found that space needle, saw MT Rainer, visited the Starbucks flagship store, had dinner with our diva dawtas and had a jolly good time!! We even met folks from Alabama, that so impacted me personally, that encounter, renewed my faith in mankind..

we had driven 3,127 miles at that point and was so proud of ourselves!!

To make it a TRUE road trip, we broke the news to our husbands that we would not be flying back, packed up that Subaru which needs an entire blog of its own because honey, that is a superior car that is affordable and l need more brown crayons to drive one!!

Did l say, we so no one that looked like us, the majority of the journey? We would enter small towns and stop to refuel or grab a bite to eat, and could feel the stares.. ha!! I need more brown crayons to travel across the country!!

When we bid Seattle bon voyage, we deliberately took our time heading back.. our first stop? Snoqualmie Falls..

We also stopped in another small town outside of Snoqualmie for breakfast and stood until they were forced to acknowledge and seat us.. that was too interesting but l was not going to be deterred. A gentleman and his girlfriend came over to chat with us after breakfast when we walked across the street to the river.. literally.

Another pivotal moment for me and us..

We kept moving and made our way back through N Dakota this time, Minneapolis and stopped in Wisconsin for cheese..

Yes, l enjoyed myself immensely under that cow😂😂

We stopped briefly in Chicago and drove straight through back to the east coast

We enjoyed our journey so much and we also got to speak honestly about our lives and where we are now.. we ended the trip after driving 6k miles and here is the kicker- l drove every single one of those miles. It was a goal, and l accomplished it with her handing me my driving glasses, making sure that l ate, and stopped when she saw l was “sun downing” from exhaustion.

Now- if we can do this- what more for anyone else? We are both middle aged women who trekked across the United States without our mates and lived to tell the story with glee.. well, maybe except for bear sightings and the accident we saw.

I challenge you now, to challenge yourselves. It may be a small goal, but GO for it!!

We were a modern day Thelma and Louise wrapped in a brown package..

What do you have to lose? Go for it!!!

Peace and mad love,



Friend, Foe or Frenemy…

My millennial struck again.

She called filled with concern, that she was growing apart from a friend who she had previously shared common interests and time with, and wanted to know what to do.

She had to ask… so here goes!

Friendships, can be full of exhilaration and life! You spend hours on the phone talking about all kinds of things, you see eye to eye about mutual interests and concerns, and you pledge to have each others backs, no matter what. Weeks turns to months which turns to years, and it seems this will be someone who will be around for a lifetime. And it may very well be.

But what if it isn’t? The reality is this- MOST friendships do not last forever because interests shift, growth happens and your friend or you, aren’t always able to adapt or grow at the same pace which creates a chasm of discomfort no matter how hard we try to do otherwise.

When our mommas said that we are blessed to have one, maybe Two good friends, she was not lying. Rare is the person, that can withstand the ebb and flow of life with you into a ripe old age.

The added pressure of knowing what your purpose is and going full steam ahead while your friend is content to float along the river of life, makes for an interesting conversation down the road too.

So here are my two cents worth of advice-

  1. Stay honest first with yourself and then with your friend. When you feel distance happening, have the conversation, not from a place of accusations or guilt. It will be uncomfortable but it must happen.
  2. Don’t fester and make assumptions with forced small talk. A true friend will not want to anchor you with a rope of guilt so they can feel better about sitting sedentary while you have goals.
  3. Cry. Sometimes when the separation comes, it fills you with hurt and a sense of loss. Let the tears flow and keep walking in love.
  4. It could get ugly, because some folks do not know how to use their adult words to express that they are hurt and will instead lash out to make a clean break. That is messy in a way, neither party may soon recover from so see #1 again.
  5. Know that your journey in life will not always have someone by your side and be okay with that too. The wildernesswalk is effective in allowing us to become more in touch with ourselves without the well intentioned distractions of opinions.
  6. What you put into the world, will come back to you, so as you grow and change, others will be sent along the path, to meet you where you are in that period
  7. Our job is to never carry the burdens of others who refuse to carry their own. We must rid ourselves of the notion that it is okay to push, pull and tug in an effort to not “leave” folks behind. They have feet. They can either walk with you or stand back.

I hope this helps because Lord knows, it is a journey we must all take, one way or another. How you both handle it, determines if have a friend, foe or frenemy.

Walk in the light-

Deuces and mad love,


#DearBlackGirl…a letter to my younger self


Dear Black girl-

I have been watching your growth and contentment in the last few years and wanted to share with you, just how far you have come and the obstacles you leapt, with such faith in your almost five decades on earth.  You see, you were born in a time and place where girls were not encouraged to be seen or heard and from your earliest memories, you bucked that trend to the detriment of your behind. You remained respectful but steadfast in a culture that expected you to grow up, learn all the social graces like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ so that you could get a decent job and marry a good man.

You instinctively knew that while you desired a good mate and wanted to be a mother, your desire to activate change for others was an ever present feeling you carried. And so, you did just that- spoke up, helped where you could and declared to your father at the age of nine, that you would do great things with your life.

If only you knew the journey it would take for you to get there and I still believe, you would not have changed a thing.

Do you remember the time when a boy told you that you were too opinionated and that you needed to have a man who would beat you and keep you barefoot and pregnant?  Do you remember your sassy response to him? Today, he looks at you in awe as he got what he desired; the woman who would do whatever he said, even to her own detriment. You knew you deserved better by someone who would love you wholly, just as you were.

And so as a young adult, after confounding everyone around you, you struck out on a journey of self discovery and learned the hard way, that even the ones who said they loved you, had no idea what to do with all the energy you brought to the table. so you married and divorced. You had two beautiful babies and instinctively knew, raising them well, would be the best thing you could do for them  and society at large.

divas iphone download june 2014 514DSC_2074_3

You were told a thousand times what you could NOT and should not do; each time, you followed your gut instincts and moved ahead in prayer. the end results have been nothing but astounding. You understood that ‘belly- aching’ about a problem solved nothing and you also learned that everything happens for a reason and extracted the lessons you learned from each mishap in your life.

You learned beautifully, that building authentic relationships with others is the doorway to getting things done. You learned that doing things on your own was counterproductive. You learned the language and code words people used when they were scared of your presence and energy that floated into a room behind you.

You learned not to be naïve. You learned to have a vision and then work towards it. Vision boards are your friend.

That is you below after learning how to pit a race car and in the cockpit of an F-16 fighter jet about to take the ride of your dreams!!  Who would have ever thought that?  You have taught others not to ever limit themselves.


You learned to say NO when others said yes andYES, when most said no.  You learned that the path less travelled, while much more difficult to traverse, lead to greater rewards.  Doors have been opened for you on a national scale and you have been in the presence of those who have made huge strides for human kind. You have mentored and have been a mentee.  You learned you do NOT have a poker face and it is okay.



divas iphone download june 2014 2036IMG_1269

You understood the value of having siblings who while they love you, would hold you accountable and honest in your actions and you knew they were blessings..

divas iphone download june 2014 2650(my youngest sibling and I)

You embraced your health and well being by exercising regularly and because you love good food, that is a good thing. In that process, it became clear that you are not just mentally strong but physically and that too confounded many.  You can flip 300 lb. tires, lift barns, push half a ton and the list goes on. you embraced climbing trees and haven’t found one that was too much of a challenge. You even climbed in flip flops!!

divas iphone download june 2014 962divas iphone download june 2014 1006

You understood the value in the wisdom of our elders and embrace them lovingly..You even got into serious trouble as a child, climbing trees to pick coconuts and using a machete to open it, all for the elderly man who had a heart condition. You gave YOUR own father a heart condition once he learned about THAT!

20140307-210952.jpgdivas iphone download june 2014 1271

You learned that great friendships are like a balm to the soul and that laughter keeps you young at heart. You embraced being almost 6 ft. tall with zero apologies

divas iphone download june 2014 1582divas iphone download june 2014 1585

You learned to accept people where they are and move on in love which meant holding no grudges. You are tenacious in ways that has been liberating because you understood that failure did not mean the end and kept going. You learned that without a strong knowledge of your culture and ethnicity, you were bound to accept other peoples definition of you and so you are not only steeped in your own, you are a voracious reader of others and embrace the differences we bring to the table.



when you got tired of fighting with hair, you made a declaration,cut that sucker off and remain blissfully natural, all the happier for it. You are no longer a slave to spending ten hours in a hair salon.  Being black is no joke out here. And after all of that, the love you so needed, shows up and did everything in his power to convince you that marrying him would be an awesome thing.  Took him several years but here you are and honey, you are glowing!  The failed relationships taught you what you didn’t want, what you needed and that you had to always be your own work in progress so that you could take ownership of your own flaws.


I could go on and on but it all comes simply down to this-  I am so proud of you and want to acknowledge your journey thus far.

rock on #blackgirl- rock on.

Learn a trade because beauty fades

My childhood came full circle a few days ago, when someone I had lost contact with 28 years back, popped up and every memory I had of my young and teen years came rushing to the forefront like it was yesterday.

You see, We lived on what was a quiet suburban street filled with upper middle class families who worked hard and raised decent children with substance. That meant that the girls who hoped to be anything other than ” loose” worked hard to follow the regimented instructions we got from our parents while remaining average teenagers as much as we could.

Those of us who enjoyed very few freedoms that our other peers were given without regard, often felt baffled and unheard by what we considered overly strict parents.

We had gorgeous friends who had no curfew, could attend any parties they wanted to and allowed to wear whatever they desired. I could hear them at night while I was tucked in bed reading a book and wondered what a great feeling it must have been for them to have so many freedoms.

My parents would always tell us that ” freedom isn’t free and if you give away all you have without leaving anything to the imagination, when it came time for us to get mates, we would suffer for it. I thought they were nuts but here we are almost 30 years later and the fruit that bore from the trees are quite telling.

Many of us who were under strictly supervised homes, grew up on firm footing. We had convictions, worked hard, stood for something and understood our value. We faced trials like everyone else but we also knew we could find our way through and were not afraid to start over or look at things differently.

Some of our friends who were allowed all the freedoms they wanted as teens, are now adults who are slowly beginning to realize, a pretty face and a sexy body alone does not a long term and fulfilling relationship make.

These friends are sitting in marriages that have long stopped serving them or their spouses but they remain miserable because they never thought of anything beyond finding a man to support the life style they were seeking.

There is no voice to speak up, no grit and determination to be a change agent outside of being diligent mommies who are inadvertently teaching their offspring the same messages.

Smart is the new pretty and it’s about time. Men are seeking women who can not only hold intelligent conversations about most things, she challenges him through her actions to always strive for better.

If you have ever wondered why a woman who is far less attractive than you seems to have everything you desired, it’s because she used her brain not her beauty in everything she says and does.

So the next time you stand in a Mirror flipping your hair and pouting your lips just so to garner attention, be sure to remember that what is inside that head is way more valuable long term and give yourself the gift of stretching your brain to learn, experience and explore the world beyond your face.

That 28 year reminder came full circle and I was able to say thanks to my parents for keeping us from a life of mediocrity. The lessons we learned back then are the rewards we are reaping today.

Enough said


Lord help this child and me while you are at it..

One of the things my mother would say to me consistently as a teen and more vociferously when I became an adult was this; I PRAY that you are ‘blessed’ with a child who behaves JUST LIKE you!

I used to grin and say to myself ” how bad can it be? I was pretty awesome as a kid.” I was soon to find out just what my mother meant and no matter how many times I apologized to her and God, it seems I had no choice but to re-live my childhood through this second child of mine.

It all began when he was about 81/2 months old… He started learning how to walk after being born premature at 32 weeks and 3lbs. He should have been behind his peers right? Wrong. He would make his way to the refrigerator, open the door, open the egg carton, squeeze the eggs until they crushed in his fingers, close the carton and close the door.
His brother who was 4 years old, got in so much trouble because never could we have imagined it was the baby! Until one day when I turned the corner to the kitchen and caught him in the act..

I called my mother horrified and she cackled, thanked God for small mercies and hung up on me..

It only got better.. He would swing fearlessly from all kinds of things and people would marvel at his tenacity and strength. He would stubbornly tackle the toughest projects even when warned not to, so as a direct result, he and I would constantly butt heads at home.

We live in a community where our ethnicity makes up less than 25% of the population but my kid was not deterred and made friends with everyone. Many of his current friends are of Jewish descent and their parents love him dearly. He has been to more Bat mitzvahs than a few and I consistently hear how delightful and well behaved he is.

So a few years ago when he was around thirteen, he was on punishment at home and instead of allowing him to place the dishes in the dishwasher, I made him hand wash, dry and put them away.

As the tears were quietly rolling down his cheeks and I’m moving around him, he lost his composure and blurted ” I wish I was born Jewish! Those parents are so much nicer than black ones!”
I turned, looked at him and said ” well guess what buddy, you were assigned to be black and more specifically, to be MY child. Suck it up and finish those dishes!”
I went to my bedroom, closed the door and laughed until I cried…all I could think was ” help him lord and me while you are at it so he can grow up unscathed.”

He will be 18 in a few short weeks and heading off to college. We are both still in one piece but I’m going to give him the gift my mama gave me all those years ago; I wish for him, a child JUST like him when the time comes and that I am alive and well
To enjoy what I know for SURE will be his phone calls of apologies..

Enough said.