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A safety pin? Y’all so easily distracted…

Madness, Tom foolery and chicanery erupted after the Presidential elections on November 8th 2016 and if it was possible, I would  have spared my soul from running the gamut of emotions listening to people rail at outcomes their votes didn’t want,  and then watched in morbid fascination as the blame game began.

White folks were embarrassed, people of color were miffed to hell and back and political party Leaders were stunned into shocked silence.

And then it happened. Reports started coming in about new Marginalized groups being targeted in the Jewish and LGBTQ communities and someone decided that the best way for folks to know who allies were and create solidarity, were through these safety pins that are now adorning clothing everywhere.

Black Folks went from miffed to hell no and the furious debate began.

I am Looking at all of this unfold and the only clear winners I see here are the savvy business heads  who jumped And began selling safety pin necklaces for upwards of $300 because I guess, even pins need to be Leveled up several social classes in order to adorn certain necklines.
People. Please. Enough already. Let whosoever  chooses to identify their affiliations through this pin, do so as they please because for me It’s a clear symbol of Privilege in a way that says should the wearers of Said pin become targets for their act of revolution, it’s a simple Matter of Removing it and blending in.

No Such  luck For Folks of Color .
So while we keep being distracted by this newest movement, let is not forget to focus on what really matters- surviving these next few years.
Dueces and mad love 



the secret that binds

In a recent inquiry with friend about another person we both love, as we danced around the pleasantries, it soon became obvious that we were delicately feeling each other out on something we knew; our dear mutual friend is gay and from what we have been able to ascertain, completely and utterly in denial at least publicly on what has been obvious to us for years. The relief that we both felt in being able to address this topic was palpable for no other reason than the fact that we could now both speak openly on what we both noticed.

You see, our beloved friend was becoming sadder, withdrawn and introspective with each passing year and I instinctively felt it was due in large part, for having to live a charade.

We leads to the point of this article. There are all kinds of people from various races, cultures and ethnicities. There is so much data to support that within each group is another one of LGBTQ people many of whom live openly, yet so many more who don’t for a myriad of reasons. I get that people have their core values and beliefs but why must it come at the cost of harming another?

Why is ones sexuality such a a taboo subject? I have asked my LGBTQ friends who are living openly to help me understand what one has to go through to come ” out” to friends and family. The stories are heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once depending on the narrator.

Some were chastised and disowned by their families but says the freedom to no longer pretend was such a weight lifted from their shoulders, it was indeed worth it.

Others had to deal with shock and denial that lead to acceptance but says the journey to there can be a painful one.

Yet others were really surprised at how openly accepting and loving their family were from the onset and they see it as such a blessing.

I know too many people that are gay and keeping it a “secret” for one reason or another.

I say we allow people the freedom to fully be who they identify strongly with and leave the hate and judgement at the door. If you can’t, then I want no parts of what you are serving to harm others because of their differences.