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He tried it… yes he did…

When my brain is full, I take comfort in finding the places that bring joy to my weary soul in an effort to rejuvenate myself.

Today that place was the Rangoon, which is still the only Burmese restaurant in Pennsylvania. Go figure. But the food? Made from scratch and is sinfully good.

So there I entered with my lunch companion, who roared when the owner chirped out my name in a warm welcome, said she missed seeing more of me and told me which friends of mine had been in recently! 

It’s like that.

 I told her I would be celebrating my birthday with her food in a few short weeks and no less than 10 of us would be there to liven up the place. She giggled and my friend and I settled down to eat.

Here is where it got interesting.
A brother came rushing through the doors, dropped his jacket at the table next to ours, ran over to the owner and began ordering food. He began with. “I will have 2 L9’s, a soup and two of the chicken and broccoli dish!”

It took me a minute to realize he was eating in because he seemed to be in such a rush and of course, I had to mess with him. 

You had a doubt?

He shared he has been visiting the restaurant for almost 20 years to my 14, and it’s one of his favorite places to eat. He was so personable, we kept chatting until his woman walked through the door. We said hello to her and went back to our respective lunches until my dishes showed up and his woman got my attention and asked what was I eating.

I looked at him and said. “Wait a minute. YOU have been coming here for 20 years and haven’t tried any  of the things in front of me? Dude, you killing me!”

He laughed and replied no,  so I promptly scooped a little from each of my dishes  she was curious about and put it on her plate to try and while telling him he didn’t deserve any for slacking like this!😂😂
Of course, she loved it and I admonished him to stretch himself beyond the one dish he had been eating for 20 years and actually ask for a menu and allow his lady to choose next time.

Can you imagine? All those delightful dishes and he stuck with one. For 2 decades. I ain’t never heard of such!

I ear hustled as I ate and learned she was frustrated with his flirting and crossing the line with some women they both knew and he became squirmy when the topic of his phone and texts came up.

Lord. A player from the Himalayas. 

Limited in menu choices and thinking too, I guess. He so needed another brother or person to sit and discuss a few things with him about life and choices because we could tell he didn’t have the right tools to deal with what was in front of him and that sister looked like she was at the end of her rope.
I don’t know what happened after they left, but I learned a lesson about really meeting people where they are. It was enough for him yo have discovered this place that he never thought to go beyond what he was comfortable with. I believe after his encounter with us though, he may change his choices next time around.

My lunch partner and I looked at each other and cracked up because we could see our husbands at his age probably doing some of the same things..

Whew Chile.. every day is an opportunity grow and learn should we choose to expand our minds. The alternative isn’t always pretty.
Dueces and mad love,



He ain’t no squirrel but he’s storing rotten nuts

My husband hasn’t found a meal that he can part with. Like seriously. I opened our refrigerator this morning and found a space filled with containers of food he SWORE he would get around to eating and invariably it spoils.

Somehow, his mind is not  connecting with the receptor in his belly, that it is impossible to eat everything.

He saves my discarded food at restaurants,saying he will have it for lunch or a snack.

Several weeks later, it’s found smushed in the back of the fridge green or some other unhealthy color.

He saves the condiments from restaurants, and if I allowed him, we would have a side door filled with packets of butter, jelly, ketchup and hot sauce.

So in an efffort not to lose my sanity, I go behind him and get rid of anything that is over a week old but when I found the empty container, I was totally over him.

He never quite explained why he continues to store food like a squirrel or like a refugee from a war torn country who doesn’t know where or when the next meal will be.

Lord have mercy… he is going to gasp for air when the opens the fridge tonight because it’s all gone, every outdated bit of it.

Let’s see if he take the hint and eat those pears on the top shelf. A girl can hope right?

I won’t hold my breath.

Dueces and mad love,


She almost got some Shug Avery pee in her food

A couple of mornings ago, I opted to have breakfast from home while doing some work and stopped in a spot up the street with fish and eggs on my mind.

I went to feed the parking meter some  coins and was 3 quarters in when the darn thing blinked and said it was out of order. I took a picture just in case Sone over zealous ticket writer decided to get “cute” and ignore the message to write me a ticket and walked inside to settle down, plugged up my computer, ordered my food and began reflecting on the day ahead.

In walks these two women and while I wasn’t clear if they were related, I was super clear that the older one used her age and authority to push the other around. Wasn’t none of my business but as I heard her berating the younger one about not having enough coins in the machine, I gently said good morning and offered my last quarter to which they said thank you.

Miss seasoned Sally looked and wondered aloud why I was giving up my money. I explained my machine was out of order so I was good.

My eyes lifted with surprise when she ordered me to move my vehicle to another machine or I would get a ticket. I patiently explained why I wouldn’t get one and she harrumphed as If she gave birth to me, and I was too hard headed for my own good.

At this point I’m mildly amused at her control issues and went back to the task in front of me.

I had to take a pause for the cause and look up again, when the waitress went to take their order and this woman got on her phone just at that moment to make a phone call and had the nerve to say “I’m talking so you are going to have to wait for me to finish.”

Say what now?

The younger lady was mortified but stayed silent, and when the waitress looked at her like she was nuts and walked away from their table, Miss seasoned sally got up and left in a huff.

Good riddance.

It behooves us to treat people, especially the ones in the service industry, with a modicum of decency and some respect. If home training doesn’t kick in, think about the stuff they can put in your food if you make their lives miserable. All I could see was Miss Celie in the movie “the color purple” spitting in that mans water for messing with her friend and stirring it with her finger.

We got to do better.

When we pay for a service, we should get something good in return.but if you are waiting for someone to accommodate you while you are on the phone for instance, that is the level of a  paid butler in your home.

Some of y’all just need several cans of “act right.”

What we put out to people, we get back. It’s that simple and yet it’s a powerful reminder.

Dueces and mad love,