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The Season of CHANGE…

Early last week, seemingly out of the blue, I received a phone call from one of my mentors who said she felt the unction to pray for me so she stopped what she was doing and we prayed over the phone.

I couldn’t figure out what that was about because I was cool and life was good… and then, the very next day, running in my bare feet to answer the doorbell, I slammed my left foot into the base of my sofa.

And broke not one, but two toes.


I knew immediately at least one was broken because the searing light I saw as I went down on those fluffy cushions, was a vision of heaven and hell all at once.

But to know me fully is to know this- I’m super determined to do whatever I set out to and so I got up, and went about my business while limping. I was so bold, I walked in a fashion show two days ago, changed outfits 4 times and had 5 inches of heels on and didn’t miss a beat. No one would have guesssd I was in pain at all. See for your self..

And it went on for days. Six to be exact, where I went to work and attended events, before my husband forced me to go have my foot x-rayed because we Iced, elevated and taped those toes together to no avail. 

So by the time I got the delightful news that I had done the obvious and they gave me crutches, the ugliest shoe known to mankind, my films and a referral to see a surgeon, it was slowly sinking in that I would have a new normal for the next few weeks.

This is where it got interesting- my phone began to ring and texts came in at all kinds of hours about what folks can do to run errands, take me to work etc and I was simply blown away. We live in a “I’m doing me and you better do you”  society, and yet here I was, the grateful recipient of love in the midst of this change happening around me. 

I’m freaking grateful. Believe that.

I also noticed something else too. And I will be back to address that at another time but this mentor had not a whole week ago, sat me down and said the season of change is upon me and the ones who don’t want that change to take place, will be the least kind or helpful and may even eliminate themselves by finding a reason to disagree about something to create issues.

The thing is this- I have been swirling with the winds of change for a while now and that meant stepping into spaces of discomfort and off ledges of  comfort and complacency.

If we want to fully actualize our purpose here on earth, what other choices do we have? If you are the smartest person in your circle, you need to get over yourself and elevate with people who already are where you are trying to  go so you can learn and grow.

I can see with these broken toes, the lessons in this new season has begun but the beautiful part is simply this- prayer works, the turmoil won’t last forever and the sun on the other side of it all, will be blinding in its splendor.

Never let the challenges deter you from you mission but also cocoon yourself with at least ONE person, that you can call and share with no matter the hour.

To my dogmatic mentor- you know who you are-thank you.

Dueces and mad love,



Necessity is the mutha of diva inventions…

I am almost 6ft tall with incredibly long legs and when I open my arms wide, the wing span according to my strength trainer, Is impressive. While I mostly enjoy being tall, I struggled in stores to find clothing that fit appropriately and many times had to walk away because I looked crazy in the things I tried.

I finally found specific brands that made clothing for tall people and was chugging along until late 2014 when I noticed nothing appealed to me anymore and I was done wasting my cash on department stores and walking out looking like a variation of everyone else.

It was during that time of frustration that I met a young lady in a class I was teaching and my skin tingled when she imparted that she went to design school and sews well.

I decided to test her by asking if she could make a dress for an upcoming class reunion and she said yes. So off I went for fittings as she chose the material and we worked together on color and design. This was the end result.

I was hooked!! The dress fit beautifully, I didn’t have to squeeze in or alter anything and I felt like a Princess! It was on like hot butter popcorn!

On a whim, I took to my facebook page and asked folks where was the best place to buy fabric and once I discovered fabric row, I felt like I was in heaven! I bought goo gobs of material in one store owned by an African American gentleman and he observed that I had an eye for fabric most would overlook.

Meanwhile, one of my nieces was getting married and in a tight crunch, I was sent to yet another lady who took one look at me when I honed in on what I wanted and in two days, she created this dress below.

Couldn’t tell me Nuthin.

I went back to this woman and told her I was getting married, I didn’t want to wear traditional white, and once I found the fabric I was seeking, ( given to me by the way at no cost from the fabric shore owner James) I took the beautiful silk and gave it to Renee Bolden. Everyone at our wedding wore white except me.

That dress was so stunning, it made it around the globe and back and has since been featured in magazines..

Meanwhile, I went to Ariel and asked her to make the desss I was wearing at the reception and she designed this

And so it went. Each time

I had somewhere to attend, either Ariel or Renee or Carla made my pieces. I found great fabric that cost very little and put them on their capable hands. I designed everything Renee made for me and many of the pieces Ariel created although she always had brilliant ideas just waiting for me to show up!! One of my Faves from Ariel was this gown below that I wore for being honored as Woman  of the Year.

I looked up a few days ago and Realized I now have a closet filled with these treasures as I kept designing with glee. I have not shopped in  any Stores for clothing in 2 solid years…

I had simpler pieces made too for every day wear…

And then there were the few that defies description

And to think this all began from a need… lord have mercy. I can now add “designer” to the list of hidden talents I found..

the lesson I learned? Our best work happens when there is a vacumn that requires filling as long as we are willing to put in the work. I didn’t put up everything here but you get the gist. What is inside of you just waiting to be squeezed out?

Dueces and mad love,