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A safety pin? Y’all so easily distracted…

Madness, Tom foolery and chicanery erupted after the Presidential elections on November 8th 2016 and if it was possible, I would  have spared my soul from running the gamut of emotions listening to people rail at outcomes their votes didn’t want,  and then watched in morbid fascination as the blame game began.

White folks were embarrassed, people of color were miffed to hell and back and political party Leaders were stunned into shocked silence.

And then it happened. Reports started coming in about new Marginalized groups being targeted in the Jewish and LGBTQ communities and someone decided that the best way for folks to know who allies were and create solidarity, were through these safety pins that are now adorning clothing everywhere.

Black Folks went from miffed to hell no and the furious debate began.

I am Looking at all of this unfold and the only clear winners I see here are the savvy business heads  who jumped And began selling safety pin necklaces for upwards of $300 because I guess, even pins need to be Leveled up several social classes in order to adorn certain necklines.
People. Please. Enough already. Let whosoever  chooses to identify their affiliations through this pin, do so as they please because for me It’s a clear symbol of Privilege in a way that says should the wearers of Said pin become targets for their act of revolution, it’s a simple Matter of Removing it and blending in.

No Such  luck For Folks of Color .
So while we keep being distracted by this newest movement, let is not forget to focus on what really matters- surviving these next few years.
Dueces and mad love 



So… there’s that thing….

I am sitting with my husband watching the results for the general election come in for America as we voted for a new person to be President of the United States.

To say it’s a nail biter is the understatement of the year.

I told my husband it would come down to this when he left early this morning for work and he told me one person would win by 11p.m.

It’s 11:19 pm and folks on either side are buying their nails down the nub.

The news is showing people staring at Jumbotrons looking stunned.

My son called sounding like he is in total disbelief.

Here’s the thing- the lesson for ALL of us is to truly hear what is being said and to stop being tone deaf. People were ridiculed for feeling the way they did and when one feels unheard, they become Determined to teach a lesson.

Even if it ends up costing them long term. 

It’s human nature.
We have to do better listening and learning. Our children and the world are all watching. 

Dueces and mad love

Election fatigue.. 

Dear God up in heaven. Enough already. This election has left everyone so divided and so incredibly stressed that even when I stopped in to see my doctor for a well visit, this usually unflappable and congenial man was turning all sorts of shades as he discussed the insanity of it all.

It has gotten to the point that if I turn on my television and see pundits gleefully discussing the next big scandal, I turn it off and walk away  and dare my husband to part his lips and say one word to me about anything that starts with the letter “E.”

Friends are no longer speaking, I have gotten so many pieces of divisive literature that I could wallpaper a whole section of my house and I swear, I have never seen so many signs and notices on the street “selling” their candidates.

For goodness sake already. Is it Tuesday yet?

I asked my friends on social media what to place in my new election survival kit and they offered the following-

  • Wine. Lots of it
  • Ear plugs
  • Nutmeg in both cheeks to lower blood pressure 
  • A plot on Mars

My money is on mars…. like seriously. So  no matter where you land in this vortex do me a huge favor-

Go out and exercise your RIGHT to vote.

Dueces and mad love,