Take Your Nosy “good intentions” Elsewhere…

Lord have mercy.

We must find something better for us “older” folks to do beyond dipping our crusty toes in the lives and business of young people.

Whatever do l mean you ask? Allow me to elucidate.

Miss church mother mary, walks up to young sister Carmelita with a knowing glint in her eyes.

Mary: how you doing baby girl? How old are you now?

Sister C: l am doing well Mother M! I am 29 now.

Mary: You still dating that fine young man l see. Seems to me, you all should be taking that next step by now. You not getting any younger. You young people just be giving the whole cow away for free. Set some expectations on him and yourself now.

Sister C: we have only been dating for 11 months but we are okay and no, we are not talking marriage.

Mary: uh huh. I see. Well good to see you.

Now. Sister Mary has  done left the poor young woman twisted in the wind and wondering why there is so much pressure to find a man, hook him and get married because her eggs are drying up and something must be wrong with her.

Or maybe not.

While most adults are well intentioned, some of you are just nosy as hell. There, l said it.
I get that we carry collective wisdom as we get older and may have gems to impart but sometimes wisdom is knowing when to stay quiet too.

There are pressures that young people face today that we haven’t and it behooves us to listen and learn sometimes so we don’t end up doing more harm than good.

So the next time you want to approach with “advice” take a deep breath, say hello, give a hug and then walk away.

That is appreciated

Deuces and mad love,



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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