Getting to the heart of the matter…

Every morning, unless I’m ill, I am up at 4 with the target time to walk through the gym doors between 5 and 6. Yes, before Jesus is awake. It’s a routine that energizes me but there is a deeper reason for it all that I was reminded about this morning.

It was TIME for visit to the cardiologist. 

I dread those visits because I worry that I will get bad news and so as I prepared myself to go, my movements became slower as I played every possible scenario in my head and by the time I got to the Office building, had convinced myself  they would find something wrong and began making plans.

So I crawl/walk into the office and prepared for the worst. I held my breath as I was being strapped to the EKG machine and when the nurse kept clicking and was eeerily silent, I couldn’t take it any more and asked her if everything was okay.

She said yes and I went on to visit with the doctor who essentially said that while I had a strong family history of hypertension, my heart was fine due in large part to my fitness routines and choosing wisely what and where I ate. Salt is not my friend.

After being released and told I didn’t have to see him for another year, I literally bounced out of that place, all the imaginary symptoms I walked in with, all gone.
Why did I share all of this with you? 

I don’t think I am alone in my fear of hearing bad news  to the point where it’s tempting to not go to see a doctor or worse, ignore any real symptoms we may encounter.

But as we get older, our bodies require Maintenace and sometimes, due to family history etc, a tune up to remain in working order.

That ounce of prevention is definitely worth the pound of cure and no matter how afraid you may be, doing nothing only makes things worse. So take yourself to the doctor and have all your pipes checked.

Ya dig?
Dueces and mad love 



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