A Slayed face living  in a nasty place

So in a good conversation the other day, I mentioned that I needed to find a really decent makeup artist before I got professional head shots done  again and it was imperative this person knew what they were doing because I tried several times in 2014 with overdone results.

My mentee  then picked up her phone and immediately called upon someone she knew, and promised this person  would be able to deliver. Did I say she called the poor lady at midnight? Lord have mercy.. so we set a plan in motion that she would come to my home and work on my face.

Listen… Miss Koko showed up, looked at my  flawless skin, declared this would be almost too easy and went to work!

It was while she took those brushes to my face like an artist on a clean canvas though, that I learned from her just how many people are out here hiring professionals to do their makeup. On a regular basis. I thought only wealthy folks did such things and at my tender age of none-of-your-business, this was my first time  having such a service done in my home.
I said as much to her and she made me sit clean back when she said I would be surprised just how many people were paying to get their faces done only for her to show up and see them living in squalor , mattresses on the floors, garbage everywhere, with rodents scooting by her as she worked on their faces. It was so bad, she got her own working studio space so they could come to her because it was hard to reconcile why anyone would spend that kind of money on their faces while their homes were falling apart around them. She breathed a sigh of relief walking through my doors and found a clean and inviting space awaited her.

To each his own I guess. I certainly  had it reiterated yet again that people don’t often mirror their living conditions and the facade is real it out here.. if you are going to invite folks over, clean up your homes as much as you can. People will judge you and it’s a memory they won’t soon shake. I know far too many folks of very little means who live in a neat and tidy space.  Clutter and litter doesn’t allows for one to think freely and leads to rodents who are even harder to be rid of.

I was so mortified listening to her descriptions, I didn’t realize she was done until I took a peek and squealed!!  I loved it!!!

Take a look at how she altered that look above with lipstick changes..

I was feeling some kinda cute honey!! I couldn’t thank her enough and she was worth every penny. I was happy that I invested in myself in a way that was necessary.. stay tuned…

With my friend Julie Nahill at the polls 

Dueces and mad love,



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