Inebriation and the ultimate loss of control 

Some sister friends and I decided to gather and get our entire selves  together and so we found a great suite and commenced to sitting and discussing what is our lives…

After hours of emptying our collective minds, we decided to call it an evening at midnight and headed towards the elevator back to our room.

So we stood there giggling at how tired we were, when the elevator opened and within, was what I could only describe as “thank Gawd this wedding is over and we can turn up” adults who already looked lit. Judging by the noise and glazed smiles on their faces.

I said to them ” y’all know it’s midnight right? Why are you all looking so wide awake and up to no darn good?” They roared and all piled out heading to lord knows where.

We got on the elevator, looked at each other and cracked up!  Just as the door was closing, one of the bridesmaids jumped back in with a cup and some sort of orange liquid and began saying the bride was her best friend, she just met the groom and she hopes we have a good time visiting the East Coast. 😂

Now imagine her saying this in one big run on sentence with a beautifully done face and she was serious as hell. And very drunk.

We told her to be careful since she was getting off 2 floors above us and left the elevator in tears at how she isn’t going to remember any of this in the morning.

We made it to our suite and was casually chatting with the door slightly ajar when who should bust through with a gentleman right behind her, but our newest friend. She began running around our room, went to the window and began banging it to get the attention of her friends below and then She turned and did a full flip on our sofa!!

I’m watching this in morbid fascination as she ran up and hugged us all individually saying nothing that made sense. The poor young man who was with her said he was trying to get her safely to her room and emptied her cup of “juice” in our sink while she wasn’t looking.

She became agitated when she realized her sippy cup was gone but he managed to calm her down and ushered her out our doors with a look of worry on his face. He didn’t know her well but it seemed he was the one concerned enough to see she had enough and was trying to get her to leave the partying and go to her room.

No dice.

Not 5 minutes later, we looked out the window and there she was skipping out below…  I lowered the blinds so we could retire for what was left of the night because she was having none of going to sleep.

I hope her friends cared enough to see about her because she traveled from another state and she is going to feel the effects of her drinking spree in a few painful hours.

I thought of my children as I watched her and prayed they both had enough presence of mind to manage themselves in a way that wouldn’t compromise their safety and well being should the choose to drink socially and that they would be with friends that cared enough about them if they had one too many.
My youngest has been the designated driver a few times while his friends drank and I am proud of him for being responsible and choosing to take care of those he is with.

That young lady will get an earful I am sure about her inebriated shenanigans based on the looks she was receiving and hopefully a lesson is gained as a direct result. 

What a night.
Dueces and mad love, diva

DIVA UPDATE!!!  So we ran into the young man this morning as he was checking about at breakfast and we called him over, thanked him again for his selfless behavior and he was so touched, he pulled out his cell phone and asked if he could record me for his mother!!😂😂 I happily obliged… please meet Toby. A gentleman in every sense of the word. We hope miss inebriated is praying  to the throne Gawds right about now.


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