Wait- what now? I has questions…

The South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, affectionately known as SEPTA, went on strike November 1st in Philadelphia.

The City of Brotherly love and sisterly affections have become tired and achy souls who are aggravated by the inconveniences this has wrought and lines have been drawn depending on where you fall in the discussion on whether they should strike so close to a major election, their dwindling rights as workers etc.

That isn’t what this piece is about though.

Hubby and I are watching the morning news and we see how this strike has allowed folks to make tons of money like the parking garage that charges $40 per day to rest you car in their space.

So my eyes lit up when I saw the bike share program was a viable option for folks who didn’t have cars and I swore my ears decieved me when they said the cost cause I heard a price that made no sense. We rewound and listened again.

Sho nuff. They said it was $4.00 every 30 minutes to rent a bicycle.

So if someone needed it for 8 hours, it would cost $48.00 per day to rent a bicycle.

And you STILL gotta exert energy to pedal it to and from destinations?

So it’s more expensive to rent a bike than to park a car? What in the fuzzy math?

Who came up with this?  Even the bicycles are off limits to the neediest among us because let’s face it- many take public transportation because they don’t own a car.

Which is why the man who walked a total of 14 miles to and from work the day before won’t have the kind of choices that should be accessible to all.

We gotta do better y’all… I hope SEPTA comes to a resolution soon with their workers because $3.00 beats $48.00 all day every day. Feet and tempers depend upon it.

Dueces and mad love



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