I swear there’s an elixir in this thing…

Today started out beautifully and simply got better. So by the time mid afternoon rolled around and I realized I was through working for the day, I gave myself permission to slow down and find the market to get a few things.

As I was pushing the cart and humming down the aisle, two African American women approached and complimented what they believed was my flawless complexion. I stopped dead in my tracks grinned and hugged the hell out of them for being so kind! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

One asked what kind of foundation was I wearing and I sheepishly said none to which they both looked at me like I was being “extra” so I invited them to touch my face for themselves. They damn near fell over when I said I didn’t wear makeup much until 2 years ago AND I usually wear lipstick and mascara only when I do.

I was asked what Elixir I used to maintain such a glow and my simple reply was this-


Nothing more, nothing less.

I find that when I practice gratitude daily along with doing random acts of kindness, I get such a good feeling inside and it puts me in a space of contentment that no person could ever give me.

We waste so much time looking for someone to make us happy when the truth is, we are the only ones responsible for our joys as they come within and is a state of mind.

When those women learned I was 20 years past 30, they held unto their carts and began asking what I ate. I giggled and began describing my father in earnest who believes everything we eat should come from the earth but told them I still believed an attitude of gratitude is my  fountain of youth.

As I bid them both adieu, a gentleman walked up with his wife and complimented my skin too.. I looked at her, she agreed with him and asked what was I doing to look this way..

Here we go again…. I wish I could bottle up what I know truly works and give it away. 

Life is so filled with challenges and sometimes they are painful to go through but on the other side of that pain is a new start.
In the meantime though, I’m going to keep practicing what I know works..

Dueces and mad love,



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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