Black folks and the movies

From time to time my friend Mister gives swaths of us free tickets to see the previews of upcoming movies and I love him for it because we get to share with the world if its worth watching.

Tonight we saw “Almost Christmas” with a star studded cast from Danny Glover to Gladys Knight and Gabrielle Union to name a few. 

I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by a great script but I certainly was looking forward to a chuckle or two.

I forgot one teensy weensy detail- I was in a theatre with mostly black people.

My people are the salt of the earth. They bring their popcorn, sodas and attitude right on into those seats and hand to God, during one viewing, cake was passsd around in a pan for us all to take a chunk.

I ain’t kidding. Cake was delish too. Yep, I tried and prayed fore gawd I didn’t get nobody’s germs as folks were cackling and cutting.

But I digress.

The movie began and by minute 2, I could see I was gonna hear less than 1/3 of the hilarity cause my people kept talking to the screen, howling and just being so loud, I gave up on what was a funny movie and watched them all instead cutting up.😆😆

I guess it’s safe to tell you it’s a good movie to see for the holidays  from the parts I was able to hear. The poor white folks within the walls with us were sitting shock still as if they were shocked but they gotta know Miss “Carmen” has a long day and this is how she unwinds from the madness that is her daily life.

The struggle is real and some of these black faces are starting to show signs of cracking  despite the melanin so I ain’t hardly upset that they get a Few hours of peace and laughter.

If you want to see any movie uninterrupted, find a theatre where folks are happy to sit still but if you don’t mind the noise, trust me this is an experience because it’s a movie inside of a movie..

My people.

Gotta love them.


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