The untouchables in handcuffs 

I have been incredibly fortunate in my roamings throughout earth to find myself often in spaces with eclectic groups of decision makers. The other day, the alphabet soup included, lawyers, cops, politicians, educators and folks from the federal government.

As we waited to start our work, I asked what was  a question I already knew the answer to which was simply this- what makes any politico in power lose their mind and become corrupt? We specifically cited the ethics  law that says any gift above $50 is expressly forbidden and we watched judges and politicians go to jail and lose their political seats for inappropriate behavior that becomes illegal.

And yet. 

We STILL see daily instances of once prominent figures being dragged through the news from an FBI probe/raid, their declaring innocence and then found guilty.

Some are so brazen, they continue to run for re-election as if the Feds will walk away with apologies for “bothering” them.

So it begs the question, at least in my head-what the hell is wrong with this picture?

Is it that they still  believe they are untouchable even with evidence that would suggest otherwise?

Is it that they think they brokered enough deals and carry enough entitled  power so that strings could be pulled to make it all go away?

Are folks still riding the waves of “legacy” and forgot they are servants to the people and not here to be served at the expense of the people?

Or are only ego maniacs running for public office?

Is abuse of power the new BUzz word for leadership?

Or maybe all the reasonable and sAne people left earth?

Whatever it is, I think it’s high time that we scrutinize people beyond the criteria already in place because at this rate, it seems like they are all under probe for one reason or another 

Humility is a Dish best served daily, core values are not curse words that bring doom And destruction  but rather, a set of habits that keeps one out of prison. Check those motives before they check you.

Dueces and mad love



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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