The fancy car with the bad engine

I was recently paid a visit from a home security sales rep who stopped by to discuss an additional service we required and when I opened the door to greet him, I noticed right away he had a Mercedes.

Not sure why I picked up on that because I don’t care what folks drive but it soon clicked into place. So we sat down to discuss costs etcetera and somewhere in the middle of it all, he asked if I was single to which I said no and wondered how he missed the rings that were clearly on my finger or that I was at least 20 years his senior.

Another minute went by and then I got the real story. His phone beeped, he looked at it, shook his head and said ” I am so tired Of these women out here that have all kinds of issues. I need to stop playing and figure out how to get a better quality.”

Chile. No he didn’t. I tilted my head. Clear sign I’m about to go IN.

“So let me see if I heard you correctly, you choose these women and they turn out to be bad apples. Did I hear you right?”

“Yes ma’am. They look so good on the outside but are so damaged that I can’t deal. I don’t like to argue or fight over foolishness.”

“So you CHOOSE the woman based on the way she looks physically and never checked the core values to see if she fully aligned with what you really needed past the initial cuteness. This isn’t about the women son, it’s about YOU. If you looked beneath the exterior of a car and saw that the engine was crappy, you wouldn’t buy it right?  So you should try digging beneath the surface and stop using that car you own to hook and bait. Am I off base with my assessment?”

He grinned and dipped his head in agreement saying that the engine in his current car is giving him all kinda issues too so he’s about to buy another Mercedes.

He howled when I told him he chooses women like he chooses cars- shiny on the outside with a rotten core.😂😂

I invited him to do some introspection on HIS life and choices of mates or he will look up one day and realize he’s been dating for a thousand years with nothing to show for it.

At this point, we were nearing the end of our business and he  commented that he learned quite a bit and did I ever think about being a relationship coach because I got him all the way together and pegged him in a way that was eerie 😂😂😂

I shook his hands and ushered his self absorbed behind to the exit of my house.

Sweet black Jesus of the corn.

What is within us shows up in the ways we behave daily. No matter how you dress up the exterior, that attitude and core beliefs immerges eventually as one can only pretend for so long.

Your energy mirrors back to you, the kind of person you are and this is where growth and mindset becomes critical. Cause what is worse than a fool? An older one.

If you ever wonder why you keep attracting the wrong mate, the answer comes back to you.  We can’t fix a soul but ourselves so we gotta do the work to the place where we invite better choices  to us

Dueces and Mad love 



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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