The disease that needs a cure 

There’s a disease that’s plaguing Philadelphia and other major U.S. cities and it’s called Importantitis.

While the name of the sickness may elicit chuckles, Importantitis is no laughing matter. In fact, for countless individuals who are considered community leaders, it’s very serious business.
These leaders, for the most part, start out with good intentions. They were led to speak up and become a public figure because they were fired up about seeing real change happen in the community.
Somewhere between anonymity and recognition of their voice, they began to lose sight of their original intent and their goal quickly became:
1). How much money can I get for my services?

2). What perks are available for personal access?
3). Name recognition
The fallout from all of this is not only the community’s disappointment in the “leader,” but a deeper distrust in leadership all-together.
As citizens, we can’t afford to just follow the leader because of their passion, charisma and action. We must inquire, seek out and judge them on their moral compass and how they perceive integrity.
If we truly desire to see positive change in communities, we must stop blindly supporting people just because they are from our community or we grew up with them.
Every single day, the news media is filled with leaders and politicos gone rogue. So the next time someone starts a movement or campaign, double and triple check their motives and ensure they are immune to Importantits.

Dueces and mad love,

Editors note: this piece was written 2 years ago by yours truly. 


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