Amazon is the devil and I will be delivered..tomorrow

For years, I listened to people speak of this and refused to go down the rabbit hole with them because how could one just sit at home and order anything from A-Z and have it delivered without a hitch?

I maintained that stubbornness until I went to visit my first born in Texas and every time I asked him where he got an item, he would invariably say, you guesssd it- Amazon.

So I decided to try and buy one tiny thing.

It came on time and it was okay. Tried a couple of other things. Returned some but kept most.

And then. I discovered I could order furniture, raw honey, exotic teas, doors, humidifiers, shoe racks, closet organizers, pots, draperies, paint and the list went on! All from the comfort of my home with one click and it mostly came the next day.

Say what now? It got to the point where my husband worried what thing he would have to assemble next but if he keeps this up, I bet you I could order a new husband too with one click and same day delivery 😂😂😂

Whoever came up with this concept is brilliant because it took the hassle out of driving to stores and made the market competitive for vendors who want our business.

When I think about how much money I saved in my obstinate posture not to buy so much online, I’m glad I did because right now, I’m in Amazon heaven and not looking back.

Dueces and mad love,



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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