If we ain’t doing it, chances are You shouldn’t either

I can’t profess to know everything, HOWEVA- there at least TWO you should trust islanders on.
1. NEver EVA buy food  at restaurants that purportedly sell Jamaican meals if you walk in and the customers all sound like you. As in American. Islanders frequent the spots that are serving authentic cuisine. You should not understand the  conversation of the clientele taking place as you wait in line, and the cooks/servers should give you pause when they ask a question in patois-English. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That means your food is going to be slamming good!! As a native to the island, I frequent ONE spot.  I have tried the others and invariably, my tatstebuds were offended by the cutting of corners and distinct American flare embedded within.

Sacreligious I tell you!!

Your rice and peas should be fluffy, your meats should carry the distinct flavors of thyme, scotch bonnet pepper and other natural spices and LISTEN, those soups and porridges should make you shout gloray!!

Don’t be drawn by the Jamaican signs and long lines hear? Can’t say you haven’t been told.

My home made soup.

The other thing is this- islanders living in other parts of the world almost never take a vacation in the Caribbean between the beginning of July to early November.  Know why? A tiny frightening thing called hurricanes.

Listen here.
When you grew up in a place where you lived through those storms, there is a mental note imprinted in your brain to try your best not to visit during those peak months unless you have to. Many are drawn by the great travel deals but you are literally tucking your tail as you hand over your monies and hope for the best.

Hurricane Matthew churned in those waters for days and caused all kinds of devastation only to be followed up by Nicole who was not to be outdone and is indeed a category 4 storm bearing down on Bermuda. If you are into flying cows and zinc roofs mingled with a magenta sky and rushing waters up to your neck, then by all means take the risks.

Don’t do it people- no one can predict where these storms will pop up and your sunny skies and blue waters will turn into something straight out of a movie except it’s your life in real time.

Now, you can go forth and do whatever you FEEL like doing after reading this but you can’t say someone didn’t tell ya!!

Dueces and mad love,



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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  1. Chicken soup look bad Diva! The richness up lol! I would add one more thing: make sure the meat you get full up with gravy and if you can, get a little fried plantain on the side.


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