It’s the little things…don’t overlook them

I had to attend a funeral of a dear friend today who died suddenly last week from an asthma attack of all things, and as I sat in the church numb from disbelief, I learned through the lens that was her life, to make our days count. She made every day count by being a tireless volunteer and example for people across all genres and did it with humility, grace and hellified style.

We are not on this earth to be about ourselves but rather, the impact we leave on others.  Judging from that full church, she did just that.

So when I got home, I took some time to reflect on my porch about a few things while listening to my Husband moving about the house.

And then, an angel stopped by to visit and what she thought was solace for her, became so many lessons for me when she walked in the house, took off her shoes and literally curled up on my shoulders and exhaled..

I almost cried.

What she did said she completely trusted me with her heart and we sat in silence until I asked her how was her day.. she began to share and we spoke like mother and daughter for the next couple of hours while she had a bowl of soup and I drank a cup of ginger tea.

I looked at that precious face and saw the daughter I never had. I impressed upon her to come visit any time she wanted to because I became clear, her love and trust were not easily given and never to be taken for granted.

That for me, was a part of our service here on earth. How are we choosing to show empathy, listen and be vulnerable?

People watch us all the time. It is never our words but more our actions that makes all the difference.

So while I was saddened by One friend passing away, I was rejuvenated by the love of another who reminded me life continues and we are to make the best of every moment.
Dueces and mad love,



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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