I woke up not feeling motivated today. I’m Sneezing every 30 seconds, my throats feels slightly scratchy, I have a funeral to attend of a friend who died suddenly mid week,  my nose is stuffy, I sat through what can only be described as a petty presidential debate and simply would like to stay in bed all day singing the blues.

Thank goodness, life doesn’t allow for me to stay here- I do indeed have work to do, and will move shortly. You see, I am pushing through because nowhere does it state that all our days will be sunshine and tulips.

It’s often too easy for us to whine, point fingers,  feel Sorry for ourselves and give up because we don’t feel like being bothered. It’s in those exact moments where we must strive to keep going because just beyond that speed bump, is usually a triumph.

So I have decided that today I will accomplish something I haven’t done before. Today I will look beyond my irritations and find gratitude in the smallest of things. Today I will show and be love to someone who may need it. Today I will invest in myself and my future in some small way.

Because tomorrow will be here soon enough and since time marches on, let me be about the businsss of marching right along with it the best way I can

Dueces and mad love,



About lawfultrainer

Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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