If I only had a brain… haste makes waste

About 12 months before the newest iPhones hit the market, my old one began behaving as if it was too much for me to ask it to do simple things like stay on and not reset in the middle Of a conversation. 

I called my son the iNerd and after running some diagnostics, declared my phone had some mother board issues and I would need to part with it soon.

I paid him no earthly mind and went about the business of adapting to soft resets several times a day to get the darn thing to work.

The week or so after the 7 was launched, my phone became possessed, and just told me off by doing nothing I required of it. You can’t tell me Apple is innocent in all of these coincidences but since I’m not an apple genius, I may never prove my hypothesis.

Off I went to purchase another phone and when told the price, I gasped for air, called down Jesus and all his disciples, yes, even Judas,  weighed my options and bought it.

So here I had this shiny new object right out the box and I removed the charger and left the earphones within so I could familiarize myself with the thing.
I’m chugging along mildly impressed and went to play music in my car only to realize there was no auxiliary jack on the phone??😱😱😱 all the money it costs?  Are we serious right now?

I went online and googled, got no information that didn’t require my spending hundreds more dollars. I don’t hardly think so!

So today some

5 days later, I finally make my way to the phone carrier and the employee walked me out to my car while assuring  me that it should work with the Bluetooth in my car. 

Slight issue. My Bluetooth comes through the rear view mirror and he declared my car too fancy for him.

Ninja please.

Mildly frustrated that I would have to spend extra monies, I  next went to the Apple Store, walked in and told a salesperson what my issue was and could they solve it?
He quickly said ” yes ma’am. Go look in your packaging box, lift the cordless earphones and right behind it, you will see a tiny adapter that will allow you to keep listening to your music in the car with no issue.”

Say what now? The answer was right there in the box? The box I didn’t bother to fully look through and spent needless days trying to fix a problem I DIDNT have??

The very obvious lessons for me?

  • Don’t assume anything
  • Read directions carefully and look at every scenario before getting upset.
  • Slow down and take time to process.
  • Things aren’t always as complicated as we make them seem
  • The answers are usually right there in front of you.
  • I need a new brain😂

Whew!! I didn’t have to pay a dime but I learned quite bit only to return to what was already there. 

In case I’mNot the only mad hatter running around about no auxiliary access, look in your boxes for this piece below.  You  Can thank  me later.

As for the employee in the phone carrier store- what was HIS excuse for not knowing his company’s products? 
Deuces and mad love,



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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  1. I share your theory that Apple is on on the coincidences!

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