Living a life without limits

So as I write this blog, there are tears streaming down my cheeks. Not sad ones but tears of  what is possible when we dare to imagine a world beyond our own daily wants and needs.

I have been wrestling with God for a long time now.  I feel like He waits until I’m in a deep sleep and then awakens my soul through these dreams that in the moment, makes no earthly sense and then I am up at some random hour, trying to figure some things out.

Have you ever had somebody constantly tap at your door until you can’t ignore it? That’s what it feels like to have a burning passion but because of FEAR,  WAITING FOR OTHERS TO CATCH A VISION THAT ISNT THEIRS SEE, And simply not wanting to shed the layers of people who mean you no good because you are COMFORTABLE in a space that isn’t challenging you at all on any level, you sit there waiting for what, I don’t even know.

Without consulting a soul, I did something that required bravery and vulnerability on my part. I got past the judgements people may have walked into my space with, told myself this was for the greater good beyond any hangups I may have and the results have been nothing short of wonderful.

It was a strong reminder  to me that when we trust the process and follow our gut instincts, things move just as they should.
So while I am still in the space of transitioning, what are some of the limitations have you placed on yourselves for whatever reason/excuse it may be?

Walk with me. Let it/ them/situations all go so you can walk in whatever you true purpose is.

There are no great rewards without risks.

You will lose friends along the way. Trust God and the process.

Folks will spread gossip and try hard to discredit you. Trust God and the process.

You will be afraid and while fear can be paralyzing, trust God and the process.
One last thing.

Be love, show love, speak

Dueces and mad love,



About lawfultrainer

Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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