No he DIDN’T just swerve in these streets.

On our way home from a recent function, mister and I were quietly chatting as we inched along in traffic when I noticed something weird.  
There was jeep Cherokee in front of me that began rocking violently and the driver kept swinging the wheels towards the concrete barrier that shook my senses and caused everyone behind him to back off to a screeching halt.
We couldn’t hear what he was saying, but his head kept jerking back and forth violently  and his mouth was wide open with rage.
My God.
Whoever the recipient of that kind of vitriol was, had my sympathies.
Dude literally snapped out here in these streets and we all awaited the impending accident based on his erratic behaviors. I am assuming he made it home safely because he wasn’t plastered on the 11 O’ clock news.
I asked mister what could have possibly caused such a reaction and he wisely said any number of things could be the issue- short fuse and everything in between.
We just never know what folks are going through out here and what that one match will be that causes an explosion.
I know one darn thing though- there is no way I am giving myself a stroke or a heart attack being that kind of angry because there is nothing worth getting that catastrophically sick.
I have felt myself getting there twice in my lifetime and those negro spirituals come in real handy. Trust. When a woman starts humming in the middle of what you are saying, let your peace be still and move quietly on until the noises in her head subsides.
That was free but invaluable advice. You are welcome.😂
Now if the person arguing with you, goes further to laying of physical hands? Nothing in my head is printable here. There is no manual

For that level of insanity so handle thyself accordingly and Be safe in your extrication of those circumstances.
A great way to handle and diffuse stress is through exercise. Not of the mouth- but of the body and mind. Meditation is calming in ways many fail to recognize and gives clarity in murky situations.
Safety first. Always. There isn’t enough love in the world that should keep anyone in a situation that leaves them on the edge of fear all the time.
Ya dig?
Deuces and mad love,


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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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  1. I’ve been that angry. Its definitely not pretty. Which is why I avoid allowing anything or anyone take me there.

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