365 days of inspiration… Lord help you all..

I have been a voracious writer for as long as I can remember and while I have been told time and again to write and publish my shenanigans, I have been relatively “quiet” by only posting on a page with 1,500 friends and the people they may  choose to share it with.

Today marks the first of 365 days of blogging. That means every single day for an entire year, I have to come up with content you will read. with some interest.

 I hope.
My friend Lu Ann Khan, reminded me as she was presenting a workshop for the Women In Media conference in Philly, that having content means nothing if you don’t take the time to share on a consistent basis.

The goal? Take all these blogs and turn them into a book of diva-isms.
You ready?

In the middle of driving down Broad street, I noticed traffic was slowing to a crawl with no discernible reason that I could see until I got closer and saw a sight.

What seemed like a relatively young woman, was walking down the middle of one lane with a cigarette in her mouth looking like she stopped giving a damn and her eyes were vacant.

Folks were driving all around her in shock but not one person stopped. Including me.
She wasn’t high. She was clearly fed up about something and her energy said ” I wish somebody WOULD say sunthin so I can set it off in these streets.”

I read that sista code and moved gingerly around her like the red matrix with my car cause I was not fittin to disturb that kindling she was carrying in her countenance.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It’s mean out in these streets. We can pick any number of issues that could send us over the edge. I pray someone knows that sister well enough or was feeling brave enough, to see about her.
Today, she got my prayers and some empathy instead of judgement.
Y’all be kind out here to each other  hear?
Deuces and mad love,



About lawfultrainer

Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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  1. Love it! Looking forward to your Diva-isms.

  2. Yes, I will read this blog everyday!

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