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Mardi what? Gras who??


Listen…. I have NEVER been shy  about taking risks or exploring new things and so when some friends took me to dinner to celebrate my birthday a month ago and the conversation shifted to doing something fun in the middle of winter, we played around with a few locations and struck gold when I blurted that I had never visited New Orleans..

We picked dates that worked for us all and discovered we would be there during Mardi Gras which none of us had experienced! So, right there at the dinner table, my friend Kelly called a friend she knew Jerry, who attended every year for the last 24 years and he proceeded to give us a list of great places to stay and told us to call when we arrived so he could gives us details on great places to eat etc.
He said nothing but a word.

The four of us booked flights and chose the Windsor hotel where we stayed in a suite for 4 blissful days..
I wasn’t ready. At all.

We got out those planes, got in cabs and the first clue we had that we walked into something huge? We were not able to be dropped at our hotel because everything was blocked off. So with luggage behind us, we walked several blocks to our final destination..


Kelly’s friend had this waiting for us at the front desk which is apparently at staple for Mardi Gras  along with our first set of beads

And off we went.

The first stop was food and boy did we ever eat. There were so many great restaurants to choose from like Oceana, the Ruby Slippers and August to name a few that I knew we would keel over from being so stuffed!! I didn’t have one bad meal there.. We donned our masks and off we went.. Lord have mercy..


Alligator bites- yummy


All the bloody Mary’s had string beans and bacon in them 😳

I could NOT believe the amount of people we ran into!! Floats were on darn near every street and folks were just happy!!

On day two and the Monday before Fat Tuesday, it got really interesting. We started the day by exploring the beautiful city filled with such culture and endeded up walking 17 thousand steps as public transportation came to a grinding halt amidst the crush of humans everywhere.


Could not visit without having our tarot cards read 

We visited the famous French market too..

By nightfall, we were eagerly anticipating the floats that were yet to come through the French quarters and we were not disappointed although the temperature had dropped significantly and we were freezing. All of that was soon forgotten when we saw  Clidesdale horses in all their majesty, men walking with flames, the most beautiful floats, marching bands and the air was rife with expectation. Beads flew from the passing floats and folks rushed to retrieve or catch them mid-air

And after all of that, Fat Tuesday trumped it all!! We began the day by meeting Kelly’s friend and he gave us all costumes to wear!! Boy we were the talk of the town!!


When we stepped out into the street, we were not prepared by what we saw but enjoyed every minute!! There is Jerry in the Blue costume and he worked hard to show us every possible site and ” must see” events. An amazing host that made this journey one to remember and we cannot thank him enough!!

 BOURBON STREET??? see for yourself

My poor senses were just overloaded but I wouldn’t have traded this for anything in the world in that moment

We even ended up on earth Cam!!
As we trekked back to our hotel at the end of a long day and evening, what we saw in the streets was a strong reminder of what happened that day

It was all gone as if by magic in the morning.. The city returned to normal, we packed our bags and some of those beads and took flights home after taking time to thank each other for a wonderful trip that we will not soon forget.
If you have never experienced  Mardi Gras, please add it to your list of things to see and do!!


Hot stuff in 1st class

Today, six years ago, I went on my very  1st date with the man I had been friends  with for 5 years prior..

How that happened was fate because he called me on Valentine’s Day to ask who was my ‘hot date’and was shocked when I replied no one.

According to him, he took a huge risk when he offered to take me to breakfast the next day since it was President’s day and he also wanted to see the new car I had bought all on my own.. He was shocked when I said “sure!”

And so began our journey.. We met at Michaels restaurant and spent over an hour laughing with each other. The change happened when I got up to use the ladies room and was pulling my shirt down over my  jeans and heard him say ” don’t pull it down. I like what I see.”  I spun around in shock because not ONCE in five years had he ever made a pass at me and I asked him to repeat what he said to which he replied ” you heard me.”

Okay then.

I blushed and went on about my business but the wheels began turning in my head at that point. When we got back to my car, he retrieved a bag and handed it to me. There were chocolates with hearts, a mug with hearts, pencils with hearts and this cutie right here

I was soo tickled!! I hugged and thanked him for a great breakfast and went on my merry way. We spoke every day after that for two weeks and on March 1st, we kissed for the first time.

It was a wrap after that.

Our journey for the next three years was loaded with honest communication, ( like seriously) all kinds of road trips and flights to the unknown, lots of laughter and some tears. We spent our 3rd anniversary in Chicago climbing out on glass ledges at the Sears building, exploring the city and food and having dinner on the 96th floor where he first broached the subject of marriage to me.

It simply felt like the right thing to do and I told him I would consider it. On July 4th of that year, without telling me what he was up to, he told told his entire family he was going to marry me.

I was stunned but it’s one of the things I love about him. He is a man in every sense of the word. Kind, honest, generous, not an ounce of pretense.

If you have been following our journey, you already know two years later in June 2015, on the island of Puerto Rico, we got married at Sunset.

To say I love him? Gross understatement. We have been husband and wife for 8 months and it’s been a journey filled with everything imaginable. So when my oldest son had a medical emergency last week when I was on my way home from Louisiana and had to divert flights to him, my husband not only understood, he booked a flight home for me and when I got to the airport, I learned it was in first class.

I literally stood at the counter in shock and when I was seated and served a full breakfast on real dishes with silverware and was given a hot towel while my tea was constantly replenished, I was finally able to fully exhale after a long week and catch a nap after I thanked God for blessing me over and again.

My husband knew, without my saying a word, what I needed and this was my very first time flying  1st class. I could get accustomed to this😜😜
The view from my plane  spoke volumes and So today, on our 11th year of knowing each other, our 6th year of our very first date, it’s my turn to treat him.. Stay tuned..

As you can see, I kept ” Hot stuff” too and he will remain in our lives…I love and appreciate my husband. More than you will ever know.
Oh by the way? He said he knew immediately on that first date, he was going to marry me. He just had to work out the minor detail of convincing me it would be a good thing. His actions spoke volumes which is why I’m his very happy wife today.