Naked we came from our mothers womb….

Nine women deliberately left their warm beds early on a Saturday morning, traversed two hours up the road, entered a Korean spa, got naked and sauntered into one of several Pools to soak..
Let me back up.
Do you have ANY idea what it took for us, women who worked and dined together, to put aside all our inhibitions and do this?
In all fairness, I have been frequenting Korean spas for a few years and throughly enjoy the freedoms it allows you, but never had I done it with a group of women, some of who, had serious trepidations about being seen without the usual acoustics to the human anatomy and it was eye opening to watch them Shed, with each step they took, the unsure gaits that became one of confidence when they didn’t melt into a pillar of salt or worse, die of embarrassment.
All judgements were left at the door and in that vein, folks began enjoying themselves fully while we waited for our services.

Some played in the mineral pools- others chose the saunas while the rest of us had scrubs, massages and facials done.
There are two floors of restaurants and several quiet rooms with lounges to take naps or read.
Living without the barriers of fears, feels very much like this.
At least two of the women hesitated, not quite sure they would have been able to expose their most vulnerable selves but as they watched some of us shed and strut away, the lesson in that was startling.
To overcome the things that would keep your mind in bondage, requires tiny but bold steps until you realize you have nothing to lose but the very fear that held you back.
By 2 p.m. We were galavanting outside in the frigid air dancing alongside our bodies in the heated pools we  were in.. Chile.. You just had to be here!!


The best part though was the ice box. Yes, I said it.. A room Filled with ice that you just sit in and cool off..

I think we tried everything there was to do here except swim up to the bar because none of us drank alcohol.
Now. If you can’t make a simple decision like whether you want to eat cereal or rice, this sojourn isn’t for you.
But if you choose to try something new and fully embrace it, this is right up your ally.
As I watch my friends roam

And seek new adventures in here, all I want to do, is take a nap because they wore me out. So worth it though.
So. What are you planning to do that you have never tried before? I say go for it!!!
We certainly  did.


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