The Unhappy Penguin

Some women have mates that are snazzy dressers and connoisseurs at being metro sexual and they are well put together everywhere they go. Sometimes they even outshine the women themselves..

Welp. Not over here in this camp.

My Mister threw on what was clean, loved his dark colors and gave “no damns” because he was comfy and happy.. Throw in a huge piece of meat and ESPN and you would think Glory shone on his life.

It took some eye rolling, a couple of threats and a few tears on my part, to get him to pay attention to what he wore and now he loses sleep, each time we go somewhere fancy because it takes him hours to make a choice..

His dressing gene is completely missing.

Keep following me here…

I spend a lot of time traveling and attending fancy events that requires a gown and he would be right beside me in a really nice black suit. I had other thoughts in mind however but waited for just the right moment so he wouldn’t feel the pressure all at once.

A few weeks ago, with another such event approaching, I quietly suggested that he gets fitted for a tuxedo and gave him the reasons why (not to mention every grown man should have one in his closet.)

He agreed and without my having to remind him, he did just that. I was so proud of him, I could burst.

As the event quickly approaches, I turned to him and asked if he had the appropriate shoes to wear with his Tux. He said
Yep. Just gotta find my black shoes around here somewhere.”

I gasped in horror and replied

what? You can’t be seriously thinking of wearing those horrible things with a tuxedo!”

He looked at me and said

but they are comfortable. I tried on tuxedo shoes and my feet immediately began to throb. I’m already going to look like a penguin, must I be a limping one too?

I leveled him with a ” you fixing to start something” look and he sighed and said he would go find a pair of penguin shoes.

I kissed my unhappy penguin, told him I appreciated his efforts and that I loved him for being willing to do this for his diva. He grinned and told me

anything for you dear.”

Success. We work hard at compromise and collaboration around here. I could have been snarky and told him women suffered in heels for men all the time and while it crossed my mind in the midst of our discourse, my love for his willingness to try, was a strong reminder to be grateful for the victories without gloating..

I!m so looking forward to our next event…



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