“hot stuff” the devil

Many moons ago when Mister and I had our first date, it was the day after Valentines Day and he came bearing gifts. In this bag was a box of chocolates, pencils ( gasp), a stuffed red devil with the words ” hot stuff” on the belly and a card.

I looked at the bag and looked back at him quizzically but was a little hesitant to ask what the collage of gifts meant. He seemed unsure looking at my face and I could tell, he had put some thought into his gift.

Had I been any other kind of woman, that would have been our first and last date but something told me, he really meant well.

Curiosity got the best of me about the pencils and I asked why were they in the bag. His simple response was, he always liked putting something practical in every gift he gives and I chuckled quietly. To this day, all these years later, every gift he gives has a practical Component and I have come to look forward to whatever it may be especially since he watches what I may need and add it.

I still wondered about the devil though and why he chose it instead of say- a teddy bear. As I’m sitting at my work desk today, it finally struck me but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t assuming.

So I called him and this was his response; ” I think you are incredibly sexy and hot but thought it would be rude to say it on our first date. I sought something that would convey, without insulting you, what i felt and I still feel that way about you to this day. To me, you are simply drop dead gorgeous.”

Awwww…. See? What I originally thought was offensive, truly was his way of saying he loved his diva. With communication, all things are possible.
I will cherish my lil hot devil until the horns fall off..



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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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