Hot butta something

So much happens on any given day and I often choose what to share… I think this one merits a post..
The year that Mister and I quietly became a couple, we went to Baltimore Harbor and ran into a colleague of mine. He said hello to Mister and then proceeded to dominate a conversation with me around black boys and achievement. When we walked away from him, mister was quietly pissed because he says he picked up something from dude that had nothing to do with work & he was trying to impress me except my behind was clueless. We worked it through with mister trying in vain to explain what he saw and I kept saying he was imagining things…

Follow the bouncing ball…

This past Saturday, five years later, I am the opening speaker for a National Conference and one of the conference attendees, walked over and said he wanted to share something that happened after I saw him in Chicago over the summer..

It seems he went to see the guy who was presenting nearby and told him he met this sister at a conference and showed him my picture. What he says happened next, made me sit straight up.

Dude got all excited and told the man he has been following me for years hoping to get an opportunity to speak with me about his feelings but I seem to be with this guy and happy. My new friend said he talked about me for so long, he had to stop him.

I then remembered what Mister said all those years ago. He was so right.

As I’m sitting there processing all of this, an older Caucasian gentleman walked over and told me that I should listen to Mister because he watched me leave a trail of fascinated men all weekend long and he realized, I simply had no clue. ” men are pretty sensitive when it comes to the women they love, don’t ignore him again.”

When I got home, I hugged mister and told him what happened. I could see he finally felt vindicated.. I really thought he was being outrageous about nothing but I learned to not brush away he intuition about certain things and people.



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