What came first- the egg, the seed or the lie?

I thoroughly enjoy sitting amongst teens and quietly listening to the things they deem cool, daily interactions with each other and the joy they find together sharing stories.
But man oh man- I heard a tale last week that made me sit straight UP bug eyed and with an incredulous look on my stupefied face!

A young teen was relaying this story to his brothers about a girl
Who called him last week after he deemed their friendship over, to say she was pregnant.

Messed him up for a good minute. Like cold sweat-hand wringing- ” my mom is going to make sure I never use my phallus ever again” messed up.

After he got past all of that, he texted the girl asking for proof. She sends him a picture of the pregnancy test. Still not sure because this girl has a history of lying in the past, he asked for the results of a blood test.

A couple days later, she sent him the blood test results on official Temple University stationary and all the proof he could need.

His goose was cooked.

Not sure what else to do, he turned to his older brothers before going to face his mother and they began, through a friend who was also pregnant, to ask this young lady a series of questions.

She got indignant with him.

He smelled a rat.

On a whim, he googled ” pregnancy tests” and Lo-and-behold, the picture She sent him, was an exact replica of what he saw on google.

He was starting to get heated, so he went back and looked at the results from Temple Hospital. Called the Doctor in the letter head. Does not exist. The numbers she used for blood count etc were clearly not ones a professional would use when looked at with the trained eye.

He had been taken by the oldest trick in the book used by desperate women.

When he called her on it, her delightful response was this- ” so you just gonna stop talking to me for this one little lie?”

At this point in the story, I am cracking up but fell over when he said this- ” two weeks later, I got a text from one of her friends that she died and was given the time, day and church for her funeral. I didn’t respond because this was the 3rd time she faked her own death”

As I’m shaking my head at the sheer deviousness of this 16 year old girl, I asked to see the Evidence she presented him with and I gotta tell you- to the lay person, this stuff looked legit.

Poor young man learned a lesson the hard way and I would dare say, be more careful where he lays his head. He did tell his mother after it was all over and his brothers were laughing their heads off at the memory..

Which leads me to this- the power if the internet is such that folks can fake all kinds of things anymore. Use your intuition. If something does not feel right, stop, wait and Check your facts several ways.

This young man could have been taken for money to pay for an abortion or saddled with a child that was not his. He got lucky this time and hopefully his experience will
Stop some of you, young and not so young, from getting caught up I the devious wiles of a woman hell bent on no good.

Enough said,


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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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