Dust Bunnies and fuzzy math

We have consistently said that early childhood education is fundamental and without it, children continue to struggle through school. Never was that report more appropriate than after I had a conversation which left me scratching my head and looking at the phone sideways…

I called a friend who informed me that her child left for Basic Training in the Armed Forces and as we discussed the where, why and when, I asked when would he back from the training. To which she replied September. When did basic training ever last this long I asked and she replied it has always been 10 weeks which means September is when he would be back.

Now, help me out here; 10 weeks from today is 2 1/2 months which means somewhere in the middle of April he would return right?

I felt horrible for her because she really thought she was right. She had zero concept of addition and subtracting past basic numbers. She is fully cognitive and had no learning challenges as a child. Even worse, was her telling me years ago, she wished she could enjoy reading the way I did but she never read more than 5 pages ever and has not read a single book to completion.

Keep in mind, she is now close to fifty years of age.

When I inquired how did she make it through school this way, she said she was so good and quiet in class, her teachers kept promoting her until she graduated from High School.

The end result is a darling person who for all intents and purposes, would be considered a functioning illiterate.

I wish I could say she was one of a few that was failed horribly by the educational system; she is an indicator that has become more prevalent today than ever before.
Getting a good education in a solid setting has become the investment for those who can afford to live in a place where Districts are on tasks with the students who attend.

A lot of people and an incredibly flawed system failed her in ways she is still reaping all these years later and it is a not-so-gentle reminder that we must get our children started with basic numbers and words as soon as 18 months of age.

For those who have access to a solid education, please don’t squander the gift of knowledge that will open doors you can’t begin to fathom right now.

A good mind, is indeed a terrible thing to waste.

Enough said.



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