What’s a mother to do?

It was a frigid 17 degrees outside the courthouse at 1801 Vine Street in Philadelphia but inside, the temperature was steadily rising as many made their way to Courtroom A.
You see, we were all awaiting the arrival Of Darrin Manning, the 16 year old honor student who had his testicles squeezed until they ruptured on January 7th by a female police officer.
That was the day,when the City had temperatures below zero and the Principal of the school, gave her basketball team scarves to wrap around their faces on their way to practice. What happened when those boys got off the subway at Broad and Girard, has yet to be fully flushed out but what we do know is this; while Darrin was in handcuffs, his testicles were squeezed. Hard. Twice.
He had to have emergency surgery and is now being watched to see if he will ever be able to father children.

So we are in the courtroom waiting area filled with common citizenry and the press but as I watched the flurry of activity for the young man, I honed in on one person; his mother.
I could feel every bit of her anguish because I lived similar circumstances with my then 15 year old who has since been exonerated and is graduating from College in 4 months.

I waited until an opportunity presented itself, walked over to her and as I shared why we were connected, the tears rolled quietly down her face.. She was relieved that there is hope, that here was another mother who understood every bit of what she was feeling.
I told her she was going to hear some untruths about her son, that she would be hurt by it all but she must try and understand that this is all a part of the process.
I also told her Darrin was the “Rosa Parks”of modern day, that the Universe chose him to bring light to a system that is terribly flawed. When I said that my sole reason for being in the room was to support HER, the tears came freely and we hugged hard, forever connected by a travesty done to our children.
I have chosen to be her voice until
She is strong enough to fully find hers. We will speak up about this until Justice is served.

One more thing; as the impromptu conference was taking place, I separated myself from the crowd and stood among the officers in plain clothes.. Some of the comments made were disgusting but two males said this: ” they have to do something about “her” in the dept. It’s not the first, second or third time she has done this and she has now gone too far.”

I walked away before they realized I was not one of them but I was at least heartened to know, amidst to storm that is brewing over Philadelphia, a few understood this; what happened to that young man was not right.

Enough said.






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