Bah….Hum….bug…( Tis the season)

Like many of you, I waited until my hands were forced before I even looked at what to do about gifts for the Holidays this year.  No, I am not Scrooge.  Just was not feeling the  spirit of Christmas and because my sons are much older, had no need to go scouring stores for anything.

Interestingly, neither one of them had or delivered a wish- list until I told them to send me the links to things they may want to have because I was not one to hang out in crowded stores with impatient people.  Takes one to know one right?  I was sent one link. Yes, someone loves me. This should be a walk in the park.

I woke up  today, armed and ready to order this thing , run three errands and  had myself timed because I  just knew all would be completed by noon.

Uh huh.

I went online and it took 45 minutes to order and process one thing. Oh heck no. Seems I was not the only last-minute-lassie and the server was so slow, it may have stopped all together. Several times.  I had had  enough of that, so I  took to the streets because surely, things would be much easier.

At my first stop, two women were consoling each other about the horrific relationship one was in and after a silent prayer for them, dropped off my package and left.  Not bad. I think I may be ahead of schedule.

Uh huh.

I am back on the highway to  destination two,  only to find myself stuck in rush-hour-times-ten traffic.. took thirty minutes to go less than 3 miles.  Got there and they did not have what I wanted so I figured I would grab lunch  and look in another place before heading home.

Got to the market in search of lunch and there in the seafood section, was a woman using a magnifying glass with a light attached to read a jar. She looked up and asked for help . Told me she was legally blind, so we located what she needed, I paid for my purchases and was feeling better  until I saw  flashing lights in the parking Lot.

Cops stopped a man who had just left the store with bags of groceries.  He was accused of stealing something. He pulled out his receipt to show them and there they were, combing through every item he had in his bag for the world to see and I could feel his hurt seeping from within.. I locked eyes with him, titled my chin and mouthed ” keep that head up.”  There was an immediate but subtle shift in his carriage that said ” Yea, I did nothing wrong, so search if you wanna” and I left after another silent prayer.

At this point, I was ready to call it a day and go home but I soldiered onward.

I got to my final destination and as I am trying to locate my item, I passed a man who was asking for directions to an item of his own.  He struck me because he was leaning on his cart with an oxygen tube flowing into his nostrils. I walked on by assuming he was being helped so imagine my surprise, when I rounded that corner on my way out the door and there he was in the middle of the store, still asking for this item and talking to himself.


Cake pan in hand, I flipped around and said ” Tell me what you are looking for and between us, we will find it.” he looked up and said ” alrighty then!  let’s go!” Turns out, he was seeking a  little rug to put by his wife’s computer table so that her feet would not get cold on the hardwood floor and she had been asking for a new Iron.  His thought was to make those a part of her stocking stuffers and we hooted about what size that stocking had to be to fit these things.

I loped through the aisles until I found what he wanted, brought several choices to him so he didn’t have to roam around the store and when he made his final decisions, I told him have a good holiday and began walking away.  He stopped me, went into his pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill because I was the only “sales person” that helped him.  The look on his face when I told him I did not work for the Store was priceless indeed and he walked right up and said ” May God bless you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine, coming and going. May your Holidays be all you ever wanted and more and may others see your light just like I saw today.”

I told him to put his money away as I thanked and wished him a very Merry Christmas for him, his wife and family..

I had such joy in my heart from that exchange in a way that the best gift in the world could not compare.  In the midst of my annoyance, I was reminded that this Holiday is not about us, but the giving of ourselves and bringing joy to someone who may need it.

And just like that, I forgot all the angst I was feeling and drove home a different person.

Merry Christmas, Happy kwanza, Happy Holidays!!

Enough said.


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