The Red Cross, The Cucumber and the health care system…

A seemingly routine visit to donate blood to the American Red Cross, turned into a ” Lawd I’m going to die” conversation in my head,  after my blood pressure was taken. The darn thing was so high according to their numbers , I could not give blood and  I immediately made an appointment to see my Primary care physician the next day. In the mean time, I called my parents who emailed a list of natural ways I could lower my pressure like juicing cucumbers and ginger daily.
  Armed with the knowledge they gave me, I felt much better but it  was not without some trepidation that I bounced into the waiting room and cooled my jets thinking about what would happen if I had to go to the hospital. Mind you, I had no symptoms at all that would give me an inkling that I may be sick..
Anyhoo, as the nurse took me back and stopped in front of the scale, without breaking my stride, I walked right past that thing saying ” today your holiday gift  will be to not let me step on that scale because I just ate 7 days of my mother’s cooking and it’s popping up now like a bad pimple!”
I heard this guffaw and to my right, was my Doctor laughing hard and shaking his head at the usual antics he has come to expect from me.  When he walked in and sat down to chat, we began discussing in earnest the new health care law that was passed and how it would affect his profession.
In a candid discourse, he tells me this is long overdue  and says his concern is they may not have enough Doctors to cover the amount of people who will come into the system for preventative care. He scoffed at the suggestion that it would be drain on the system to have this law and said what is draining it( system ) now,  are the people who can’t afford preventative care that end up in the E.R .which creates a much larger bill that has to be absorbed by those who can pay.
“When people can afford well visits, we will drain the system less” he says  ” But in true political fashion, the folks that can’t stand the President has created all kinds of false statements scaring people and it didn’t help that he had some idiots working for him who knew the website for enrolment  was going to crash and said nothing because it was not equipped for the traffic it endured the minute it went active. Three years from now, this will be a good thing but right now, it’s just easier for people to point fingers.”
As a small business owner, the fees I pay  for health care  now is criminal, so I look forward to this new law helping many like myself.
As I sat talking to him, he took my vitals and blood pressure, looked up and said ” I don’t know whose blood pressure reading they gave you but today, you are just slightly elevated.  It is safe to say, you will be around to torture us a tad bit longer.”
As he adjusted my medication,  I asked him if he remembered the first day I walked into his Office.  ” Sure,” he replied.  ” Here I was this barely five feet tall man and there you stood, all five feet ten inches of purpose . You told me you fired your other a doctor and if I wanted us to have a good working relationship, I had to understand that you knew  your body and should be listened to, or I would be fired too. That was 20 plus years ago. I have spilled more coffee down my shirt laughing with you and clearly, I did my job.”
 I clutched my pearls and  said “I don’t remember any such a thing!! ” *Blink, Blink*
He smiled and replied, ” you were a force of nature but I liked you instantly for taking ownership of your own health. More people should question what doesn’t feel right because Doctors do not have all the answers.” At the end of our visit, I jumped off the table, looked at him and said ” So essentially, I could have just juiced my cucumbers and ginger and saved myself from paying your exhorbitant fee huh?” He looked up a coyly replied “Yep, and your colon would have thanked you profusely!”
we hooted and parted ways like only old friends can… I guess it is safe to give my blood after all….
Enough said

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