The joys of being a mommy….

I get some of  my greatest fulfilment from being a mother.  I not only take parenting seriously, I enjoy it immensely.  My sons have found a myriad of ways to all at once set my teeth on edge and make me proud.  My oldest is 21 and has the tenacity of ten bulls… he got it honestly though.  All you have to do is look through my older posts to see that my mother should have earned Sainthood by now.  Yep, I was a humdinger.  A cute one that spent most of my time hanging on to my father’s legs to escape my mother’s well-earned wrath but a humdinger nonetheless.

I digress…. back to the kiddo.  He was away in school on a campus that had nothing but cows and agriculture all around so for his final year, he needed to be in a place where he could pursue a solid internship.  He had the brilliant thought of moving to a campus 4 miles from our home which led him to drag all his crap back to my house.  Can I just say what an adjustment that has been after three years of not having him around?  My poor refrigerator door now creaks between he and his brother doing “visitations” every five minutes.. feeling sorry for me yet?


Anyhoo, he landed this plum spot with Apple after pursuing them for four solid months and has made them proud they hired him… he is working his way swiftly up that chain by taking his role responsibly, while maintaining a full schedule at school.  That simply means, he is either at work or school, seven days a week.  I know he is tired.  He never complains so this morning, when he came and laid his head on my shoulders, I asked if he was exhausted fully expecting confirmation.

He looked up at me and said ” No, I am just  really feeling the need to do something big with my life.”  I explained that at his young age, the sky is the limit and he will do very well long term.  He smiled and got up to leave, when I stopped him with this; ” look, I have no doubt you will be a millionaire at some point in your life so when that happens, please send a cool million my way for every ten million you earn.”

” A whole million?  that is ten percentage mom… We need to negotiate here” says he.  ” I will give you $500k for every ten million I make and $1 million for every twenty.  It is a fair deal since you gave me life after all” ha!!   I wish you could have seen the cheeky look on his face as he said all of this.  We laughed heartily and he left the  room…


Next thing I knew, he was back… “Oh by the way, I almost melted the kettle because I fell asleep so the element may need to be replaced and I will cover the cost ok?” I looked at him and said ” You ever hear of just good old fashioned scrubbing?  Are you SURE you want to replace it?” He nodded yes and turned to walk away….  I started counting in my head… 10-9-8-7-6-5… ” Mom!! On second thought, I  think I will scrub it first and save my money!”   hmmmm… I THOUGHT so… Kid hates to part with anything and will save all his cash.. who was he kidding?

We looked at each other and laughed until we cried… Love him…



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  1. The professor was moved with your post. The years pass by too quickly don’t they?

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