Children of the Corn?

Before I delve into the meat of this blog, let me throw myself all the way  under the bus by saying I have a bunch of shortcomings too numerous to mention and there have been many a day, when I just do not get some things right no matter how hard I try…I chalk it up to life.  I also will readily admit, that there is nothing I won’t boldly try that will serve a purpose greater than myself and have been this fearless way for as long as I can remember..So a huge issue of mine, is the lack of patience for excuses and foolishness from grown folk who should know better. I have been known to call people on it too.  Unfortunately for me and many others, we are surrounded by excuses, and more excuses with each passing day when it comes to our legacy and future; The children in our midst.

There has been a not-so-slow burn in my soul, as I watch the news and see among other things, the lack of funding for public education in the poorest neighborhoods, abject poverty among so many families, adults ” strung out” on pure misery and the children caught right in the cross hairs of it all. It is even harder to watch those with means and the wherewithal not only turn a blind eye to the “village” but seek ways to feed on and make a profit from the misery of others with ” Programs” that look decent on paper but does not hardly work.  It is a vicious cycle that leaves no stone unturned and my stomach roil at the very thought of it all some days.

It seemed not so long ago, that all adults held the children in their communities accountable and supported each other, as folks went through cycles of despair.  There was a time when the neighbor only had to level an eyeball on you to make you straighten up and fly right. Now, all I see anymore, are people wasting precious time looking good on paper while the children continue to gouge each other to pieces in the name of survival.  It feels like those who oversee the “corn” are out of sight but very much the beneficiaries of this misery with hard cold cash that they get for mining ” data” on these kids and giving ” suggestions” that hardly, if ever work.  There is a serious level of distrust amongst these adults that is beyond disheartening; the children emulate these same behaviors….

What I have found to be  beneficial, are those adults who understand the seriousness of this and stand in the gap with others by supporting the children within their reach.  These people, often are not seeking compensation but operating from a well spring of ” It’s the right thing to do.”  The level of violence and incarcerations in any urban space around the country continues to rise at a fever pitch but we maintain, quite foolishly, that it will not affect us in our homes.  Violence has no name or face.  A desperate person will do anything without remorse and that is how innocent people often end up hurt or dead.

What is it going to take for us to stop housing our children in large, empty, abandoned  structures we call adults? So many among us   are beyond consumed with the latest car and the biggest home, they forget what should be most important. Their children. When do we accept responsibility for the young lives we brought to this world?  When do we get off our moral high horse and hold ourselves accountable for the children we are not raising and giving back to those in communities that are doing all they can to make it out the corn-fields of hell called poverty?

I cannot begin to fathom knowing all of the answers but I do know this; we better start nourishing the young among us to be productive bearers of fruit or when it is time for harvest, we will gather nothing but dust….

Enough said.


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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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