Fly birdie fly…mommy is trying….

Yesterday, I felt like my entire  life came full circle as I was fussing and cooking…. what had my knickers in knots you say?  The youngest child had this wonderful plan of spending time with some friends at the Jersey Shore; I happily agreed because they had taken him in years past and know my parenting style. He also knew the rules; Be respectful, Be kind, Be helpful, Clean up after yourself and follow all the rules they give you with a smile on your face.  He swims like a dolphin, so armed with some sunblock and a few bucks, off he would have gone…Until, the child, with a serious look on his face, said he was driving his car All.The. Way. Down. There. Two hours and some change away.  Whatever happened to being in Their car? No room says he and he is quite capable of driving there and back. Says who?

Now, God help me, because all the chatter I had been having with him and his brother  about being responsible and taking on challenges went right out my head as I saw horrible traffic, distracted driving, car accidents and the car breaking down at the side of the road.  Poor kid didn’t stand a chance with all the rational things flying in my head until he gently reminded me about the ” mother bird in the nest, allowing baby bird to eventually fly.”  Say what now?  I slowly came out of my “fog” and started at him agape in part, hell, in whole because he was absolutely right.

I am just mad he smoothly threw it my way in a respectful tone and a knowing look on his face.  My children know that I work hard to practice what I preach and he knew this one was going to spin me around.  What could I say after all logistics were worked out but “Have a good time?”


That was harder for me than I thought because….. Not really sure other than this is my youngest and it finally clicked that my work with him was coming slowly to an end so the bungee cord will be completely severed soon. Against my better judgement, it made me happy and sad all at once. Nope. Not even gonna lie; I was terrified. I can only trust in the divine that he will make all the right decisions and will be covered with our prayers.  How frightened my parents must have been and worried about the things I wanted to do at his age!  Hindsight is truly 20/20..

Well, the time has come for me to put up, or shut up, so excuse me while I talk myself out of the miniature panic attack I want to have until he has arrived safely…. He certainly was given the  strong route and has earned his wings beautifully….

Singing… * jesus be a fence*

enough said

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