friendly faces in the strangest places…

It has been a while since I last blogged; what with work, family and  obligations up the whazoo.. I  just had no time but I am baaack…..

It is no secret to those who know me well, that having someone say  that I am a force to be  reckoned with, even as I sit still not uttering a word, has left me just a tad bit frustrated because I can’t see it. And maybe I shouldn’t be able to, but I have heard it so consistently over the years and was never quite able to grasp and truly appreciate, what that statement meant until this past Saturday.

There we were, attending a really nice black- tie affair honoring well accomplished alums of Rutger’s University.  You could smell the money old and new, circulating the event and everyone was dressed beautifully.  There were two receptions before the main event at 7 p.m.  so I opted to attend one and not the other,  in order to preserve my size 9 feet in the heels that adorned them.  We were all walking through the lobby of the hotel where I was going to sit, cross my long legs and gaze at the beautiful people while waiting for the family to return, when I heard two women gasp while commenting how beautiful they thought our group was.  Looking in their direction with a smile, I said hello and sat a few feet away from them.

They wanted to know what was the occasion.  I told them.  They asked if I was being honored.  Said no but a family member was and proceeded to give them the name. Much to my surprise, one lady Katherine had this family member in her cohort over 20 years ago and went on about how proud she was of him.  After about two minutes, they invited me to sit with them and we began to discuss in earnest, life, children, mates and just how small this world truly was.  They learned I hailed from Jamaica, I learned they were both Study Abroad leaders who now lived in the UK and Spain.  They both return to Rutgers University twice a year to, and I quote, ” Alleviate  the fears of parents who will be sending their college student to them for a semester or two.”

Oh how we sat there giggling like teenagers and that is where my love found us.  No sooner had he walked up, both women greeted him profusely and Katherine, without missing a beat says to him; ”  What a force she is, what presence! We were instantly drawn to her walking in the lobby.”  I must have looked stunned because she said, ” Surely, this is not the first time this has been said to you?  It is written all over you but please, do not take it as anything other than a compliment.  It was our pleasure getting to know you and you now both have to come and visit on one of your vacation jaunts as guests in our home…” John looked at me, smiled and said,” you did it again.”

For many years, I tried to downplay what I assumed was a negative energy for many people but the reality is this; we cannot be anybody but ourselves and to apologize for what is innately within as long as we are not hurting anyone, is foolhardy.  As I encourage myself, please know, I send love and encouragement your way too..  We will not always make everyone happy but with communication done in love, most things  can be made whole.

I took Katherine right over to Randy as he was coming through the doors and they had a great reunion… the look on her face was just priceless and in retrospect, I am glad those friendly  faces stopped  me in that strange place…DSC_0552


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