with WHOSE money?

As I continue on this life altering journey to a smaller diva, I recently took on the latest challenge of running in a Diva Half marathon in September.  Lest you start to get too excited, I am sensibly doing the 5k portion o f said race in order to preserve my hips, knees and sanity. Once I signed up  for the race which was a ridiculously long process in my humble opinion, I then went to find a good pair of running sneakers that would absorb what jiggled and shook. No, I am not quite there in the quest to be jiggle free and one must keep it real and honest so as to not live in an altered state of reality.

Keep in mind that I only own one pair of sneakers at a time since the only place I would be caught dead in a pair is while I work- out so when I walked into the store, the colors alone made my head swim. I was then told which design would best fit these narrow feet and what modern technology was in place to absorb the impact of my joints.  Ten minutes later, I chose a pair and almost keeled over when told the sticker price of $134.00!  For what? Remind me again what these things do?  Just how much do they cost to make exactly and why do I feel like I am being taken completely for a ride?

As aggravated as I was, I bought the silly things because they were great for absorbing the shock on my  knees and proceeded to head to a meeting with middle school kids where I complained bitterly that sneakers should not ever cost that much money yada, yada, yada…. Those teens looked at me and fell out laughing until they had tears in their eyes.  When they finally came up for air, one said ” Mrs. Trainer, are you kidding me?  The pair you bought were so cheap.  Our sneakers cost from $250.00 on up.”  Huh? for shoes they walk around in and get dirty?  That has no redeemable value almost before they are bought?  What?  Who is purchasing these shoes for such ridiculous amounts I ask? Their parents, came the all too gleeful replies.

I got home, looked at my sons dead in the corneas and told them if they ever thought they could come to this parent for shoes that cost $250.00, they had a better chance petitioning Jesus to help them walk on water… with whose money??


Enough said



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