Mat-su-tat-su Nak-a-yama

I swear, I was on my way to bed all medicated from this sinus infection that I am fighting with due diligence . Then it happened; my phone pinged signaling an email that I almost ignored but decided to check at the last second.  It’s from my father. Had to open it. Big mistake.  The title of his email is the tag line of my blog above and it immediately brought back a rush of memories.

You see, that name, Matsutatsu Nakayama was the title of our childhood dog that I cannot even remember now, how we came to acquire him.  I just knew he was ours and daddy decided upon the name of a famous Japanese boxer.  Not wanting to keep repeating that many syllables, we called him “Nakka” for short.  41 emails later, we had differing views of this beloved pet but it seemed mine were the fondest and here is why;  It took us a looong time to convince our father that we were old enough to take public transportation to school and in fact, we were well into high school before he allowed us to only if, either he or mommy walked us to the bus stop each morning since it was still dark outside when we left.

This delightful dog would walk the six or so blocks to the bus stop with the parent of choice, barked at everyone and once we boarded the school bus, would run behind it for a mile until we were out of sight.  My sisters were mortified as people would ask in an annoyed voice; “whose dog is that?” they remained silent but Nakka would come and perch right by our legs as if to say ”  oh no you will not disown me!”  The best part though? My beloved dog  would be waiting at the bus stop each evening for me no matter what time I got home and would run around my legs all the way home.

Never quite figured out how he knew the time to be there and he would growl at people he sensed I didn’t like.  I will never forget this brute of a man who saw me at church during our youth meetings and took to waiting for me once he figured out my schedule.  My darling dog scared the mess out of him and was not afraid to bite if he came within a certain distance .  My father only found out about this tonight.  He was such a fabric of our family that when he died, I have not gotten another dog since.  My father wrote his email to see if we remembered him and I do not think he expected quite the vociferous response he got.  I loved that dog;  he was fearless, a protector and gave us blind pure love.

Rest in doggie heaven nakka…

enough said


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