Radical Radcliffe..part deux…

If you are reading this post first, go back to the original entitled ( Radical Radcliffe..Only In Jamaica) and then read this post.. you will not be diasppointed..Promise.

So… to up the Ante, My sister Kelly then sent the following link:http://www.televisionjamaica.com/Programmes/PrimeTimeNews.aspx/Videos/17041

Please allow me to translate the portions that are in Patois:  It seems there were death threats on Radcliffe’s life and this was his delightful response; ” I refuse to hide in or take the color of my house as I am not afraid.  I also do not wish to waste taxpayers money for an armed gaurd. I will be out here everyday as usual and I leave at 11 p.m. every night, taking the same route to my house and you all know where I livc so come on with your bad selves.”  He went further to say this in response to the cab drivers pleading for leniency since they have to feed their families and it’s totally congested in the town with too many cabs; ” Not only are you clowns driving illegally, you do things like going to certain intersections, and from the extreme far right lane, make a radical left WITH passengers in the car.  You guys are flying aircrafts not motor vehicles and we will not continue to allow you to endager people’s lives”  Even the disgruntled cabbies had to laugh because they knew he was telling the truth..

Jamaica, can fit into Pennsylvania FIVE times with room to spare….  I have NO idea how they fit that many people on certain portions of that tiny island…all the same, I love them to pieces for their colorfulness and I still beleive they are some of the happiest people alive on earth.. Our famous slogan is “No Problem Mon!!”

I wish I was making this stuff up… but alas, I am not.  I love my my funny, crazy, close knit clan!!!  Only in Jamaica


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