Radical Radcliffe…Only in Jamaica

In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up to a spate of emails from my siblings and cousins regarding a recent trip they  made to vist some long lost family members in Jamaica.  As I am reading the thread in disbelief and trying hard not to awaken everyone in my house with guffaws, I came across one email that made me stare in utter  shock.  It seems we have on the Island, what many would consider a rogue Traffic  cop by the name of Radcliffe Lewis whose official title is Senior Superintendant of  Traffic Police. Try to follow me if you can. Seriously now. Don’t blink or you will miss what is a great story!!

So good ole Radcliffe has taken it upon himslef to clear up some of the congestion on Half- Way Tree Rd in St Andrew and has been known to rip out signs that the Transportation Authorities put in place if they are deemed not to make any sense to him.  To his credit, he asked nicely and when he was ignored, took it upon himslef to personally remove said sign.  When they replaced the sign and used concrete to hold it down, he put a traffic cop during peak hours there to direct raffic just the way he sees fit.  I swear, I thought my sisters were making this up and then, one  sent his picture…radical radclifee


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