My guide, My conscience, my light……my father.

To spend a day around my parents, is a day that your life will change.  They are both in my humble estimation, people with whom we could all take a page from as we raise our own children.  My father in particular, is quite a character.  As the man  of four girls and one wife, he often found himslef surrounded by all kinds of estrogen flying in one direction or the other.  He is a jovial, well read human being, who thinks nothing of being helpful and kind to perfect strangers and is infamous for striking up a conversation with anyone, anywhere.  Drove my  mother nuts.

Like most parents, he made sacrifices for his family so that we could all have a sense of normalcy growing up; They ( Parents) were home no later than 5:30 most evenings so we could sit and have family meals. We learned to properly use our utensils at the tender age of three, table manners were a must and we were taught all things a graceful lady with impeccable ettiqutte should have as we continued to grow.  On the occasions where he had to work late, when he got home, he would have a bag filled with goodies for us and we would sit close by as he ate dinner to answer any questions he had about our day.  He sang us to sleep as babies in that deep melodious voice of his and as we got older, would sit with us and discuss things like peer pressure and why he chose not to send us to many parties like our friends were often allowed to do.  In fact, I can remember only attending two parties as a teenager and had to be home no later than 10:30.

As his oldest, I was so intrigued by every life lesson he imparted and was a sponge.  I learned how to wash a car properly, change the oil, tires and brakes.  He even taught me every aspect of a car’s engine which has served me so well to date each time I  purchase a new vehicle.  I can hear his voice saying” The outside and flashy gadgets should only count for 15% of your reason for that vehicle purchase Andrea.  Do your research on the engine, where it was made and any data on how long they last.”  That knowledge has also saved me a ton on car repairs as those mechanics are quite aware, I know my stuff.   I am an avid reader in large part because of both him and my mother and books can be found all over my home.

What my father didn’t know at the time, is that he was developing four  girls into well thought out, passionate and incredibly strong women who would take life by the horns and work diligently at whatever we took  on.  We believe in justice for the underserved, the very young and the elderly and to a child, we have all taken on causes to that effect.  Over the summer, I finally bought smart phones for both parents and flew in to teach them how they can be used.  Dear old poppa took to that thing like a sponge and has been emailing us with expediency each week for updates on our lives and his grandchildren since we are scattered in several places.  I do believe my sisters would like to strangle me at times for giving him such access as he is does not miss a beat each week and we had better respond in a timely!!  He also expects pictures on a fairly frequent basis so he can “see” for himself how were are doing.

Imagine my pleasant surprise to see an email from him this morning entitled ” Weight Loss” The contents of which are below

Congrats on your weight loss. The most recent photo you sent us tells me you are really trying to control the weight. You look fabulous in the Burgundy dress, and I should have told you this sometime ago, but sometimes I get sidetracked.   however, you should continue to exercise as often as time allows you.
See, I have your best interest at heart, and would like for you to have a long and healthy life.

We love you, Pops.
What my father could not have known when he sent that email was this:  I was exhausted, hurting and not feeling at all motivated to hitting the gym this morning but after reading his email, I not only found the energy to go and get the killer workout in, it motivated me to keep going no matter what.
I love my father; he has been my guide into how I should be treated as a woman, my conscience around many decisions I make as I traverse through this life and the Light that has clearly led my pathway into womanhood, mother- hood and just being a good person.
Family comes with all kinds of experiences; some good, some not so good.  I would not change a bit of ours to date and as I get more seasoned with age, feel like the luckiest girl on the planet for being graced with such wonderful conduitsto my life here and my mission is to raise sons who will continue to spread this legacy that has been bestowed upon them through their family lineage…
Enough said.

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