Save a buck, risk a life….

My other half and I are both Educators and as such, we often find ourselves busy beyond belief during the school year and have come to really appreciate the summer months where we go exploring every nook and cranny of our favorite places.  This morning as I was prepping for the gym, He turns and says to me; “Honey, have you ever heard of Frontier Airlines?” Knowing him like I do, my diva radar went up and I replied ” no, why?” He gave me a look that I have come to know so well and replied ” Well, they have this great deal on flights to Louisianna….. “whoa, stop right there.  Now I really smell a rat.  Where is this flight leaving from I ask.. Trenton says he.  Trenton? They have an Airport big enough for commercial Flights? Well…..The flights are not THAT large says he… But, he hastened to say, two round trip tickets are a total of $240 bucks!!

I looked at him askance and said  “Let me see if I get this straight, you want us to take a flight from Trenton on an Airline I know nothing about in order to save a couple of bucks?  What if it isn’t safe? ” He sputtered and replied,” we risk our lives every time we get on a flight anyway, why not save a buck in the process?”   I have no words….

The look I gave him made him laugh until he could’nt breathe….


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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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