Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…

In the summer of 2011, I bounced into church just as cute as I pleased and as I was accepting a program from the Usher, he smiled and said the words no woman wants to hear if she isn’t; “Congratulations, I had no idea you were pregnant!”…….. Insert a VERY pregnant pause here.. I told him I was not in fact,  but thanks for the good wishes…poor thing looked and felt horrified but what he didn’t know at the time, was that  I felt worse and decided to do something to regain control of my body and health because I could barley climb steps without being out of breath and my knees ached terribly.

So began the journey of a lifetime.  I went to see my Dr., stood on the scale, got off, got on again, rubbed my eyes and told him he had better stop playing with my emotions because there was no way that scale was telling the truth!! Yes, I was in serious denial… I walked out of that office and went straight to the park where I commenced to walking diligently.  In November, the now infamous Blair Baxter saw me on facebook and in his usual ” sweet” way asked where was the woman he trained a few years ago.  Heck if I knew but he pulled me right back into a routine that has at once been hellacious, painful and a good reminder that the human body is capable of going beyond the pale.  I made my journey incredibly public on purpose to keep me honest and maybe inspire others along the way.

So commenced the boot camps and training sessions where I was made to lift upwards of 160 pounds, do excercise routines that I still believe are not fit for men or beasts and made to track my calories each day.  When I complained bitterly, I was told to stop being ” girly” and suck it up.  I have spent more money on chiropractic care than a little bit  and my knees stayed ashy in constant prayer that I would not hurt my trainers but I must confess that it was my diet that took me the longest to adjust because I LOVE good food and rice is the holy grail in my cuisine… Oh, but good old Blair stuck with me through the madness until it finally clicked and I looked up last week to find that a great majority of my clothing not only were way too big, I was a few sizes smaller than anticipated… and just like that, through all the pain, fussing and disbelief, a new healthier woman is emerging which leads me to this:

  • The reason why we CAN’T is because we fail to TRY and stick with it until change happens.
  • There are no quick fixes to weight loss and what may work for some, may fail with you. Play around with your diet to see which foods triggers weight gain and elimate them where possible.
  • Exercise is wonderful but without proper diet, not much will change.
  • Do this beyond the look you will attain externally.  As we get older, our bodies cannot continue to adequately absorb the less than nutritional things we love to eat and will catch up in the form of diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.
  • Please, incorporate weights into your  exercise program; contrary to popular belief, they will not bulk you up and keeps your bones strong and healthy for a long time.  It is especially crucial for those of us heading into our fifties.
  • Businesses tend to take you more seriously if you appear to be healthy.
  • Eat the foods you love in moderation. Too much of anything, is never good for you.
  • Remember to take a rest day each week as you exercise because  your muscles need time to recuperate. You can serious;y injure yourself otherwise.
  • Seek the help of a good proffessional when possible; running on a treadmill like a hamster will help some but toning is crucial. Small and flabby is still just that.
  • Surround yourself with others who will continue to inspire and motivate you.  Do not allow anyone to derail your journey in the effort to “help” you through negative chatter like ” you are too skinny now”.  Do what feels good and right for you always.

There were  days when I sat on that gym floor and cried real tears of frustration because this felt impossible but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if this thing really doesn’t work.. and let’s not get it twisted, it is hard work but since when has anyting worth having not been?

Enough said.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. You never told me this story before. It’s a proven fact people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. Keep at it. We’re not done yet.

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