“Mean girls”…sound familiar?

You know, life would be wonderful if we could all dance through the tulips with not a care in the world but that is only in a dream I guess, because man oh man- I ran into a a couple of women  that personified what a “mean girl” stood for.  Sigh… I think I need to go there….

Last week, in the midst of what was a wonderful conference that should have been a meeting of the minds all the way around, something became obvious to anyone who was paying attention; we had mean girls within our midst.  How did I know this?  They sat apart from the group, made snide remarks about anything good that did not come from their lips and whispered amongst themselves every chance they got.  Seriously though?  It felt like we were back in high school and these were people in their mid- forties.  The “kryptonite “for  mean girls is to just completely ignore their ill- disguised attempts at wanting the spotlight glaring in their direction at all times because when you do, watch the sulking commence.

I was seriously in awe that grown women were still capable of these kinds of self- defeating behaviors and it has led me over the years to be very wary of people who live in “I ” land.  You them well; “I” did this, and “I” made it happen… you get the point.  The minute someone ruffles their feathers, they pout, pick up their toys and go home.  Not content to leave well enough alone however, they then start making disparaging remarks about the thing they walked away from not caring to realize that it makes THEM look crazy.

I had just about had my fill of mean people, when I ran into a group of women I had never met before at a birthday celebration who epitomized love , kindness, warmth and laughter all afternoon long.  By the time I left their presence, my spirit was rejuvenated that we truly are not ALL this way because we shared everything as if we had been life long friends. It takes so much more energy to be mean and it really messes with your chi- not to mention your health.  Positive people live longer and are embraced more often with love and support from those around them.  So the next time you feel the need to be a mean girl, please understand that  the long term repercussions of said behaviors, far outweigh the short term euphoria you get from being nasty.


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