too entitled….

This morning, I ran into an old friend who works with young people on a large scale and in our ensuing conversation, he applauded the way my sons are becoming nice young gentlemen who are respectful and respected. He recognized that I took some harsh critisim at times for being so structured with them but also understood that I was doing on the front end, what many others including himself had to do on the back end.  His own child was so spoiled rotten that in his mid- twenties, he’s walking around entitled and cannot get himself together because he feels he will be bailed out by one parent or the other.  Which leads me to say this; It’s nice that as parents we have things to give our children that we may not have had in our youth but here’s the deal;  it is perfectly okay for our children NOT to have access to everything their little hearts desire.  Waiting builds patience and appreciation and quite frankly, I am of the mindset that unless they were out there earning the money to buy fancy things like $500 headphones, ( lord Jesus help me with the hilarity of that one) they can hear just as well with the $24.99 pair… Give your children the gift of patience… You, nor they, will live to regret it.


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