re-fried brains…

My better half comes in from a long day of teaching and after our usual pleasantries about the days’ events, he asked if there was anything I wanted to see on T.V…

And that, is where the trouble began…..

He is flipping through the channels and we saw what suspiciously looked like a woman who was high and stopped for a “minute” to see what was wrong… bad move. really bad move. We have lost hard-earned brain cells never to be seen again. Ever. To begin with, we literally could not understand a word the men were speaking. Hubby looks at me and says; “this is a step BELOW ebonics, do you understand him at all?” When I shook my head, we had the nerve to try to figure it out to no avail.

I then looked at him dead pan and said, ” this is why public education is taking a beating”.  He snorted. So on we watched  looking at what can only be described as a bad train wreck called people.  We were just getting some level of understanding on the “characters”, when the one woman   said, “ I am the most famous unknown person you ever met and you need me“…. huh?

Hubby shook his head and said ” that statement is so backwards, it’s right up there with Jumboshrimp‘ and Civilwar‘ …

I am still trying to peel myself from the floor…laughter really is good for the soul.

And while I am on this subject, naming your child “mignon” as in “filet” has left me speechless.. I guess naming our children after liquor and cars has become boring huh?

Back to CNN before we really cannot be saved…


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Passionate Educator on all things but especially family partnerships. Determined. Driven.

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