Victims squared….

In the middle of watching some events play out between a group of people and watching one person call around looking for support for their point of view, I was struck by something that has been bothering me for as long as I can remember….
Why is it that some people stay comfortably in the ” victim” role even as they wreak havoc among their peers?
I have in my short life span been acquainted with individuals who felt it was their inalienable right to be treated with a certain amount of ” special” and had little to no regard of the people they constantly expected to give freely of time, energies, capital etc.

What I have found without fail, is that these people end up being miserable because no matter how much is done or how well, they believe it could be better. All while they sit around doing zilch to contribute to their own personal happiness.

Since they have failed and most likely will to appreciate that this behavior is destructive and leads to a dead end path, this blog really are for those who will find themselves around someone like this at some point in your lives….

Run, keeping running and do NOT look back because it drains you and you will find yourself sucked into the vortex of self pity against your better judgement. Depending on the person, you will also find yourself unable to share your accomplishments because it only reminds the ” victim”
of their own failings and you will hear how much they tried but everything conspired against them.

If you really feel the need to do something to help these people, start by saving yourself so there will be one less victim in the world.
We all face trials and tribulations, some better than others but the adage is really true; nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream.

It really is just not that deep.
Enough said.


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