Loved the message… despite the messenger

I am away at an Educational retreat and this morning as I opened my hotel door, I saw a gentleman walking by. In typical diva  fashion, I brightly said good morning to which I got no response. I knew he heard me because his back got quite stiff as he walked over to the window while we waited for the elevator. I checked my cuteness factor. On point. Did the smell test. Smelling like ginger essence and mint soap. So I knew something else was at play here.
Imagine his utter shock when we walked into the same room and he realized I was a part of the group he was getting ready to present to…

I looked at him, smiled and said” for all your accomplishments, you still have not mastered the art of good manners but I still wish you a good morning and good luck with your presentation. Walked back to my seat and prepared to listen with an open mind. Poor thing.

Anyhoo, he had a really great presentation and that is the crux of this blog…
Why is it that some folks  thrive  in business while others languish along?

As a people, we tend to cling to certain beliefs that prevents us from moving to the next decade and beyond as it applies to our work/ business.
We must be able to think outside box and cannot stay with what we think is expected. Based on all the information that is floating around on the web, we would literally have to surf 21 hours a day just to stay current which is impossible in today’s society. We have to do things differently, even if, especially if, it upsets the apple-cart.
We must recalibrate our expectations of ourselves and others along with challenging out most basic assumptions over the next decade.
The challenge as he saw it, was what is the ” valued conversation” we need for the ” valid outcomes” we are looking for, not what people need right now.
I have always said this and he validated it this morning;
Zone in on the core things, 2-3 and do them well. Let everything else flow away.. Hone in on your unique capabilities.
This is where I knew he was really on to something; he outlined the six principles of future focused stewardship and they are as follows:
1. Progress is more important than preservation
 2. Value innovation over incrementalism
( so many people get bogged down here)
3. Value learning over planning
( build as you learn.. Too much planning gets us nowhere.. Very audacious and ambitious but those who operate this way, move at lightning speeds vs spending all this time doing strategic planning.)
4.Value networks over hierarchies
( learn to build valuable relationships with the usual and unusual suspects)
5. Collaboration over competition
( Playing the competitive game, especially when you are in the same field is limiting.. Give up some control to create a collaborative model)
6. Exercise determination over denial.
( courage is determination to succeed even when fear exists)
He validated all of the things that has been circulating in my head forever and it was doing some  these very things  to begin with, that got myself and many others moving in the right direction.

Never let anyone slow your progress with their fears. Dare to be bold even when it’s scary and you have no net. I did it and will continue to do so because the passion, drive and determination for this work is embedded in my very soul and it keeps me vibrant and alive with each risk that is taken.
Thank goodness I kept my heart and ears open to hear what would become a  vital message.
The messenger was a donkey’s rear end but the message was on point.
Enough said


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  1. Did he ever apologize for his rudeness?

    • He never got the chance to… I knew instinctively that it would not have been sincere and this was who he was…I almost felt sorry for him because his own behavior towards some people will severely limit him as he traverses life…

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