Sweet holy mother of God…

Today was a planned well in advance for meeting with my business partner so we could get some much needed work done….
And then, here cometh  the oldest son….
He had a Dr.’s appointment and spun some tale about wanting my company as it would make him feel better. Guess I must still have that ” dropped off the banana boat on my head look” because he seriously thought I would buy it..
I’m playing along because we all know with kids, it eventually all comes spilling out.
So off we go. Less than two miles down the road; “mom, can you stop at Dunkins, I’m hungry”. sigh. I ordered his obscenely calorie ladened meal and pulled up to the window to pay. Cheesy grin. ” can you buy my lunch please?” double sigh. Moving along again. ” why is your car so cold? I wish I could graduate from college sooner. Your car is huge. “And on. And on… You get the point. I finally turned to him and asked, ” why am I driving you again when you have a perfectly good car, feet and money?”
He blinks hard and says….

“I really enjoy our time together and this is the best way to do it.”

Sweet mother of God, I still feel a con in here somewhere but he got me. Again.


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